Can you text or send a text to your self with it not being the correct number it came from Example this girl claims my man send her these text message that I think and he said for sure are un true?

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There are apps out there where you can change your phone number. So he might have that app and be secretly texting her from a number different from his real number. Some of these apps are invisible so you won't even see them or it can be disguised as something else like email or something.
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Can you block your number when you send a text message?

Answer In Canada if you send a message and you don't want the person to know who sent it we dial *67. If you don't have that option where you live, ask your cell phone provi

Can you send a text message to and from a computer?

Yes you can! If you are going to send a text message to a cell phone on your email then you type in that persons number (ex. like that but it all about

Can you send private text messages?

Yes but the cell phone companies or internet can track it down if someone asked them to track all the text sent from or to your phone/acount YOU CAN USE A TEXTING SERVICE CAL

How do you send text messages from ENGLAND?

Select a number from your contact list, or type in a number on the keypad. Select the menu option to send a text message. Type the message. Press the button to send the messag

How do you send email to text message?

Some service providers and third party websites offer email to text messaging. However, this method of sending texts will charge the receiving user their standard text rate.

How do you send a text message to Canada?

If you can call the number, u can text it. Just attain the country code, area code from your local operator and try calling the number first.
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Can you send text messages from an iPod?

You can send an iMessage from up to date versions of the iPod Touch. You need to be running ISO 5 for iMessage. iMessage is Apple's free text service between iDevice users.
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How does one send a text message?

To send a text message, select the messaging icon on your phone. Then select a recipient and tap the empty box below. It'll give you an input keyboard where you can tap in yo
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Why do people send text messages?

Because it's a convenient way of sending concise (and often urgent)messages rather than spending time talking. Additionally, it mightnot be convenient for the recipient to ans