Can you tow a 1997 ford escort wagon behind a camper?

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The best answer will come from your owners manual or Ford service department. My best guess is if it's an automatic, no. Manual, maybe. With a tow dolly, yes.
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Where is the horn on a 1992 Ford Escort Wagon?

The horn on my 94 Escort (same body style, I imagine) is in the very front corner behind the driver's side bumper cover. I had mine up on ramps and found it that way. I have no idea how to replace it short of removing the bumper cover. Luckily at this point it is just my relay that's bad. -Skihike

What is the towing capacity of a 1963 Ford Falcon station wagon?

There are a few factors that will complicate things... First, what size is your engine? a V8 will obviously have more towing power than a straight six. Is the car a manual or automatic? A manual is more versatile and lets you use the whole range of engine power, an auto may require a transmission co (MORE)

How to remove car cassette radio from 1997 Ford Escort Wagon?

There are two ways to do this. The bruteish way and the proper way. The proper way There should be two small holes on each side of the radio. Ether you could buy Ford Radio Keys (Walmart?), or you could make two U-shaped pins out of a wire coat hanger or similar to fit in the holes. Put a slight (MORE)

How to change heater core 1997 ford escort wagon?

Answer . \nThe dash must be completely removed in order to gain access to the heater box. Then the heater hoses are disconnected\nand the heater box is removed and opened up. That gains access to the heater core for relacement.

How to change the engine 1997 escort wagon?

Hey dude!. Don't waste yr time.but if u dont hve any other alternatives, become friends with the parts guy at your local ford dealer and get them to print out a copy of the procedure from the factory shop manual.

Can a 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo be towed behind a camper?

Answer . \nIf it has a manual trans... easily yes. If it has an automatic transmission, you will need to isolate the drivetrain from the transmission, or else you will burn out the seals & bushings. For 2 wheel drive vehicles, this means removing the driveshaft & installing a shipping plug in (MORE)

Where is the blower motor resistor on a 1997 Escort wagon?

The blower fan resistor on a 1997 escort is located on the blower fan itself, behind (underneath) the front passenger side glove compartment. If you lay on the floor you will see a circular shaped black plastic compartment. This is the blower fan. The blower fan resistor is the part which the two (MORE)

How do you change a headlight on 1997 ford escort wagon?

I have a 96, but i assume that they are quite similar... The Bulb: if you look at the back of the headlight in the middle there is a black node with wires out the back of it twist it and it should come loose, pull it out and there is the light. Pull the wires and the black sleeve then put the new on (MORE)

When towing a vehicle behind a camper does the mileage add up on that vehicle?

Answer . \nIf it is FWD and you tow it with the front wheels off the ground then the odometer will not add mileage. If it is RWD and is a manual transmission, same thing applies. If on the other hand it is an automatic RWD then you must disconnect the drive shaft to tow with the wheels down whic (MORE)

Broke tensioner on 1998 Ford Escort wagon what do I do?

Answer . Tensioner should be removable and replaceable by single mounting bolt. Answer . are you referring to the belt tensioner on engine?if so. remove tensioner,buy a new one, and replace. this is not a big job. you will also need to replace belt at same time

What are towing laws pertaining to towing a trailer behind a 5th wheel camper?

The towing laws are different in every one of the United States. Michigan residents are required to have a special endorsement on their driver's license and to get the license, one must pass a driving test which includes backing both trailers a certain distance. For details, contact the state (MORE)

What is the towing capacity of a 1997 sable wagon?

I own a 94 sable wagon and installed a hitch (took an afternoon and less than $300). I have towed my 16' boat which weighs about 1700lbs plus at least 500lbs to 1000lbs for the trailer. The rear end sags a bit but handles the load very well. If you need exact specs try the owners manual or call a tr (MORE)

How do you remove the brake drums on a 1999 Ford Escort Wagon?

If they are like the 02 escort, you will find two countersunk Phillips screws holding the drums on. I used a tourch and heated up the drum and the screws came right out ... there was a third hole in the drum that I screwed one of the extracted screws in, and it pushed the drum off. I hope this w (MORE)

Where is the thermostat on 1997 Ford Escort?

It's at the front of the engine behind the thermo housing which has 3 10mm bolts holding it on. The main coolant line to the radiator comes from the housing so you cant miss it!

What Ford vehicles can be towed behind a motorhome?

Pretty much any vehicle can. Some vehicles, regardless of make have very specific procedures for towing behind an RV, refer to the owners manual. If you dont have one, and it is a Ford, you can download one, and all of the original owners guides from the website. you may need to regist (MORE)

When you turn on your lights in your 1997 ford escort lx wagon you have no rear light and neither do you have any dash lights what must you do to rectify this problem?

i have the same problem on my 1998 escort finesse. it is the light stick on the steering wheel, if you flick you headlights on and off enough you dash lights work, mine don't anymore. you have to get a new light stick unit ( don't know the actual name ) there is no way around it, i had a quote for a (MORE)

How do you remove a compressor in a 1996 Ford Escort wagon?

Jack the right front wheel off the ground and remove it. Disconnect the battery Remove both splash on the side of the fender well and one under the engine on the passenger side. Remove the electrical harness connector Recycle the freon. Disconnect the freon lines. Take the serpentine be (MORE)

Iow you change a transmission pan on a 1997 ford escort wagon?

Loosen up all the bolts all the way around on the pan. Then, start on one end of the pan to drop it down and drain the ATF. Loosen the bolts more on the side you want to drop down. You can't take all of them out or you'll end up with ATF all over the ground and yourself.

1997 Ford Escort LX Stn Wagon the service light has come on what should you look for first in repairs?

When the Check Engine Light comes on the OBD II onboard diagnostic system will throw a code. The code will tell you what is wrong with it. If you don't have a code reader you can take it to Autozone or Advance or Napa and they will read the code for you. You will not be charged for this information. (MORE)

How do you replace tailgate door handle on 1997 ford escort wagon?

Remove the tailgate trim panel. Disconnect the remote control rod from the remote control. Disconnect the negative battery terminal. Unbolt the latch and remove the remote control. Disconnect the lock knob rod from the remote control and remove the rod. Disconnect the lock cylinder rod from the lock (MORE)

How do you remove the steering wheel on ford escort wagon 1995?

Disconnect the negative battery terminal. IMPORTANT. It has to be disconnected for a full minute to disarm the airbag. 2. Remove the screws holding the horn buttons on. 3. If equipped with an air bag remove the bolt from each side at the back of the steering wheel. 4. Pull the airbag off and discon (MORE)

How do you replace struts on a 1995 ford escort wagon?

1. Jack up the front of the vehicle and put it on jack stands. 2. Remove the nuts and bolts that secure the bottom of the strut to the steering knuckle. 3. Remove the nuts at the top of the strut tower and lower the strut assembly out through the bottom. 4. The spring will have to come off as it is (MORE)

Where is starter on 1997 Ford Escort?

It is on the back side of the engine where the engine meets the bell housing. It is down at the bottom and the battery and tray have to be taken off to remove the starter from the engine and get it out at the top.

How do you turn on 1997 ford escort wagon rear window wipers?

According to a drawing in the 1997 Ford Escort Owner Guide : On the right side of the steering wheel column is a lever thatoperates the windshield wipers . On the inner part of the lever , towardsthe steering wheel , is a selector switch for the rear wiper / washer on thewagon