Can you trade Pokemon GO Pokemon to a DS game?

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They have said that they want the game to connect with the games in the main series, and are working on that, but we won't see it until a new regular-series game is released.
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Can you trade from ds to ds on a Pokemon game?

u can only trade with Pokemon games on the ds with ds Pokemon games (diamond pearl, iono about platinum) the gba games cannot. all u need to do is put 2 ds close to each other

How do you do it to trade Pokemon from DS to Game Boy?

A: You have to have the National Dex .. When you do, just put the Pokemon GBA game in your DS and it will say Migrate Pokemon . And select that and you're good to go as lon

How do you trade Pokemon from a Game Boy to a ds?

after you get the national pokedex, you put the Pokemon that you want in the PC , save, turn on the ds game and there will be a migrate option you choose the Pokemon you want

Can you trade a Pokemon from a GameCube game to a ds?

Actually you cann`t directly trade pokemons from gamecub to a Ds theres is a great process to do it. 1.- You need your gamecube with a gba pack 2.- you do need an emerald

Can you trade Pokemon gba games on ds?

Heres the scoop you can trade GBA Pokemon to a DS but you can't trade from DS to GBA, the deal is you have to beat diamond, pearl or platinum and get the national dex then sav

Trade Pokemon from ds to Game Boy?

You cant trade Pokemon from ds to gameboy but you can migrate Pokemon from a gamepak(advance game) to a ds. -PokemonHockey909

How do you trade Game Boy Pokemon to the ds?

If you are referring to link trade, you can't. However there is a way to transferr GBA Pokemon to DS. First go to migrate Pokemon from *Whatever GBA Pokemon game you have* and
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How can you trade Pokemon from Game Boy to ds in a DS emulator?

You have to have both the Gameboy game and the DS game inserted into your DS. On the MAIN screen, you should be able to select a button that says "Migrate Pokemon from ___" an
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Can you trade Pokemon from the old DS Pokemon games to the new 3DS Pokemon games?

No, trading is not possible but you will be able to download thePokémon Bank application on December 27, 2013 along with theassociated Poké Transporter and it will allow