Can you trade Pokemon GO Pokemon to a DS game?

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They have said that they want the game to connect with the games in the main series, and are working on that, but we won't see it until a new regular-series game is released.
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How do you trade GBA Pokemon characters to your DS games on DSLite?

I don't know where to go in the game to trade the Pokemon but I will tell you what I know. 1. you can only do one a day so that can take a while to finish trading 2. to start trading you must have emerald, fire red, or leaf green. Then put the GBC game in the slot and the DS game. They both need (MORE)

How do you trade GBA Pokemon to your DS games on DSLite?

First you need to have a DS or DSlite input to GBA game and DS game turn to the ds game and look down on the main menu you will see to word migrate click it your done (note:no TMs ) from krishan if you need more help please email to

Trade off Pokemon ranger onto another Pokemon game on ds?

If you mean can you, then yes. If you are asking which Pokemon, then it's Manaphy. You have to complete Pokemon ranger ,though, and it is an egg. Manaphy can also learn heat swap, a move that lets you switch stat changes with your Pokemon. Good if against geodudes.

Can shadow Pokemon be traded to GBA and DS games?

After they are purified and you gain the ability to trade, yes. I purified my shadow Lugia from XD, traded him to Sapphire, and then migrated him (with 5 others) to Diamond. Moving him to Diamond was a one way move though... you can't trade from older games, you can only import.

How do you trade LGFR Pokemon on DS?

insert leaf green into the game slot. when you have the national pokedex on diamond/pearl, on the main menu, go to the button migrate Pokemon. oh, by the way, make sure the Pokemon you want to migrate are in the PC. choose migrate Pokemon and follow the steps. after you do that, go south of twinleaf (MORE)

Can you trade Pokemon from LeafGreen on DS?

Yes! You can! But, unfortunately, only to Pokemon diamond and pearl. ): Put your GBA game(the newer versions{Pokemon leaf green, fire red, emerald, ruby, sapphire}), and your DS game in the DS cartridge of the DS. Once you've done that, open up your GBA (Game Boy Adavanced) and on the screen (MORE)

How do you trade Pokemon from gba to ds?

If you have an original DS or a DS Lite, you can stick the GBA Pokemon game into the GBA slot, then start up your DS game. You need to have beaten the Elite Four to do this trade. Click MIGRATE FROM (whatever game) and pick the 6 Pokemon that you'd like to send to Pal Park first. Then, head to Pal P (MORE)

Can you trade from ds to ds on a Pokemon game?

u can only trade with Pokemon games on the ds with ds Pokemon games (diamond pearl, iono about platinum) the gba games cannot. all u need to do is put 2 ds close to each other and that's it. all u do is do the pokecenter thing.

How do you do it to trade Pokemon from DS to Game Boy?

A: You have to have the National Dex .. When you do, just put the Pokemon GBA game in your DS and it will say Migrate Pokemon . And select that and you're good to go as long as you are in the waters near Sandgem Town, you sail to the Pokemon Migration Center .

Can you trade Pokemon from Game Boy advance to ds?

Yes. Well sort of. Once you have beaten the Pokemon league you gain acess to Pal Park. Just insert your Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, FireRed or Leaf Green into your GBA slot. Go onto your Pearl/Diamond and insted of selecting CONTINUE there will be an option to migrate from Ruby, Sapphire ect. Press tha (MORE)

Can you trade Pokemon with your ds and your Game Boy color?

No you cannot. The closest thing to it is transferring GBA Pokemon from ruby, leafgreen etc. to your ds. This isn'r even considered a trade because once you do this, you cannot give the Pokemon back to the original game... is stays in ur ds...

Can you trade Pokemon on one ds?

You can't trade on just one DS. You need someone else with a gameto trade with you. You can also migrate Pokemon from GBA games, butyou don't trade between them.

How can you trade Pokemon from DS and GBA?

when you beat the elite 4 in the DS game you put the GBA game in the second slot of the ds and on the DS game main menu it will have a option that asks you if you want to migrate from that game ( Migrate from Ruby ect.) you can't give GBA games Pokemon and you can't trade back if you change your min (MORE)

How do you trade Pokemon from a Game Boy to a ds?

after you get the national pokedex, you put the Pokemon that you want in the PC , save, turn on the ds game and there will be a migrate option you choose the Pokemon you want and go to pal park and find them.

How can you trade Pokemon on a ds?

\nGo to a pkmn center and go upstairs to the lady with the pkmnball symbol in front of her. Then talk to her she will allow u to trade a person next to u. Or go downstairs and make a club on the game find some friend codes then ask them when u willtrade

How do you trade Pokemon from ds to ds?

Go on a Pokemon center then got to the first floor and talk to the 1 first lady from left then your game will be saved and you will be redacted into a room if your the other ds do the same thing you will see someone in the room go talk to him and select trade and trade Pokemons

Can you trade a Pokemon from a GameCube game to a ds?

Actually you cann`t directly trade pokemons from gamecub to a Ds theres is a great process to do it. 1.- You need your gamecube with a gba pack 2.- you do need an emerald version Now that you`ve got all that you trade all your gamecube Pokemon with trash Pokemon of the emerald version (such a (MORE)

Can you trade Pokemon gba games on ds?

Heres the scoop you can trade GBA Pokemon to a DS but you can't trade from DS to GBA, the deal is you have to beat diamond, pearl or platinum and get the national dex then save in a Pokemon center then on the title screen press start and notice your choices one says Migrate to lets say Ruby now remb (MORE)

How do you trade Pokemon from a ds to a ds?

to trade Pokemon you have to go in the wirless club room with the person you want to trade with. Then, talk to that person and he will say what do you want to do. Press trade and he will repley. Trade him whatever Pokemon you want. Hope this helped

How can you trade Pokemon on gba and ds?

it is not possible to trade Pokemon with DS and GBA. you may if you have diamond, pearl, hg, ss, platinum you can MIGRATE Pokemon from GBA games to DS games. this can be done in the main menu under "Migrate From (name of your game)" example: Migrate From Firered or Leafgreen.

How do you trade Game Boy Pokemon to the ds?

If you are referring to link trade, you can't. However there is a way to transferr GBA Pokemon to DS. First go to migrate Pokemon from *Whatever GBA Pokemon game you have* and pick 6 Pokemon from the PC box you want. Note you can't migrate Pokemon holding mail or learnt a HM move. Then go to pal par (MORE)

Can you trade Pokemon from online to ds?

Yes, if you are able to connect your Nintendo DS to the Nintendo WiFi connection. If you can't, then maybe you can receive a wireless router from your internet provider.

Can you trade items from a gba Pokemon game to a ds Pokemon game?

Yes and it works like this: Your going to have to migrate your Pokemon from your gba Pokemon game to the ds Pokemon each Pokemon should hold an item that you want to give to the ds Pokemon game when you migrate those Pokemon play the ds Pokemon game to capture them in the pal park then go check the (MORE)

Can you trade Pokemon from the old DS Pokemon games to the new 3DS Pokemon games?

No, trading is not possible but you will be able to download thePokémon Bank application on December 27, 2013 along with theassociated Poké Transporter and it will allow you to transportPokémon in Pokémon Black, White, Black 2 and White 2 over toPokémon X or Y. However Pokémon in D (MORE)