Can you use 2 ipods on 1 PC?

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Ipods Yes, if your computer has 2 USB ports.
Independent from the answer above: You can use 2 but be careful about syncing them with iTunes on your PC. If you sync both of them then you will have the same tunes on each iPod. You will need to turn off the auto sync function and manually add music to each iPod.
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Can 2 ipods be used on 1 PC computer?

YES YOU CAN! Close iTunes Hold down the SHIFT key and open iTunes from the START MENU (must be start menu) Hold SHIFT down until a new option opens up asking if you would like to CHOOSE A LIBRARY or CREATE A LIBRARY . Choose create a library and you will be asked to name and save this li (MORE)

How do you transfer music from PC to iPod?

Start by connecting the iPod to your computer using an Apple iPod fire wire or USB cord and then open iTunes. Next, select iPod in the devices section on the left side of the iTunes Window. Once you are on the main iTunes browser window, select the Music Tab. Now select the check box labeled " (MORE)

How do you transfer songs from an Ipod to a PC?

If you have an ipod which has been formatted for use on a Windows based operating systems please follow the following directions. These steps will ensure that the content you currenlty have on your ipod will be transfered over to your current itunes library with out causing your ipod to be erased (MORE)

Can you use an iPod with a PC?

Yes, you can still install the iTunes/iPod software, and plug in your iPod, if you have a PC. I have a PC and an iPod.

Connect 2 PCs to 1 monitor?

There are number of manufacturers that make a device called a KVM switch. KVM stands for Keyboard, Video, Mouse. These are available in a number of flavors. They support serial devices, USB devices and some are IP enabled to allow for remote access to physical console of the machine.

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Sorry, you can't put PC games in a PS2. The gaming companies do that so that you'll have to buy the machine that it is suposed to run in and spend more money just so the companies get more money.

How do you load music from PC to iPod?

You can use Tipard ipod transfer pro. You can also use FonePaw iOSTransfer. The programs make it easy to transfer music/video/images from PCto iPod , and to backup files from iPod to computer .

Use iPod on windows PC without iTunes?

There are a number of free alternatives available for Windows such as Sharepod, Ephpod, and Yamipod. However, you will need to use iTunes if you wish to update the iPod firmware.

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How do you transfer songs from your iPod to your PC?

Traditional way: Just like I promised in the Mac post, here it is: - Connect the iPod to your PC. - Go to Control Panel > Portable Media Devices > iPod. - Go to Tools > Options. - In the View tab, check "Show Hidden Files & Folders". - Navigate to the music folder. - Select all music folders, drag (MORE)

I have bought a used iPod touch and cant sync with my PC anyone help?

is there any error messages coming up? take it to apple. Maybe you still need to install the drivers that come with the iPod Touch. To do so, you need to download the latest iTunes version. It'll install them for you automatically. Then, you can sync your iPod. If you don't want to lose the data (MORE)

Can you link 2 ipods and an iPhone to one PC?

YES YOU CAN!. Close iTunes. Hold down the SHIFT key and open iTunes from the START MENU (must be start menu). Hold SHIFT till down until a new option opens up asking if you would like to CHOOSE A LIBRARY or CREATE A LIBRARY . Choose create a library and you will be asked to name and save (MORE)

How do you transfer iPod tunes from PC to iPod?

You need to install iTunes from . You then click File then Add File To Library. . You find the song on your computer and click open. . Plug your iPod in and click File Sync iPod. . Done :) You can also but song off iTunes and import CD's

How do you transfer music from your PC to your iPod?

You need to install itunes 1st. From there you can basically drag and drop songs from your music folder/directory into itunes. Plug your ipod into a suitable usb port and drag the songs from the itunes directory into your ipod (within itunes). But a software can do it,too.It called Xilisoft (MORE)

How do you transfer songs from iPod to PC?

hook up your ipod to the computer and click on itunes and click sync and it will ask transfer purchases and click yes and it may say some of them can't be transferred if you probably got them illigeally or didnt buy them off of itunes If you have an ipod which is formatted for a Mac OS the steps no (MORE)

Hey I've bought iPod touch 1gen16gb and I have 1 1 5 and I downloaded illegally 2 0 software via PC Can smb help my by telling how to install it to iPod touch p s my itouch is jailbroken... help?

To begin, you will need to restore your iPod touch to install 2.0 on it. Be warned, restoring the iPod will erase all content on the iPod, so make sure you have the content in your iTunes library. To do this, open iTunes, connect your iPod touch, and when you see the Summary pane, hold down Shift (MORE)

How do you hook up an iPod to a PC?

When you purchase your iPod included in the box should be a USB cord. On one end you will find that it plugs firmly into your iPod, and on the other end you will find that it can plug into an empty USB slot on your computer or laptop.

How do you charge your iPod through your PC?

\nTo charge your ipod touch, just plug one end of the \nUSB cable(ipod should have came with one) into your ipod and the other end into a USB port on your computer. Your computer must be turned on to charge your ipod.

How do you sync songs from an iPod to a PC?

1st i right clicked the song in purchased 2nd click "show in windows explorer 3rd click play in winamp 4th it will automaticly play in winamp and the u can click a window that has a box with an arrow coming out of it 5th when you click the file an option send to..... whatever you named you dev (MORE)

IPod how to download from iPod to PC?

Although Apple's iTunes program is very good at keeping a computer-based library synchronized to an iPod automatically, or for manually transferring tracks from your computer's iTunes library onto your iPod, it provides extremely limited functionality for transferring information in the opposite dir (MORE)

How do you Copy photos from PC to iPod?

you have to go to your iPod applications and click "update" you select the photos you want and when your iPod is hooked up it should copy them directly too your iPod.

How do you connect 2 PCs using large connection at rear of PCs?

For one more details is needed to determain what Port you are talking about is pins male or femail is it a jack or usb port. The only thing i can guess is a serial port and that is (old technoligy) sort of speak but if you can find a cable you just connect the two to gether and find a bridging softw (MORE)

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Who sings 1 2 3 4 ipod song?

The song 1234 was originally written by Sally Seltmann, an Australian singer-songwriter. The song was re worked with additional lyrics and recorded by Canadian Leslie Feist. Released under the name Feist it was used in an iPod commercial and achieved international success.

How do you transfer video from iPod to PC?

fine,this is my way to transfer video from ipod to pc. it is very easy,you just need a software called xilisoft ipad magicwhich I used to solve the problem. YOU CAN USE XILISOFT IPAD MAGIC TO TRANSFER YOUR FILES Transfer video files onto pc, search iMacsoft IpOD to PC Transfer.Easily backup all (MORE)

How do you edit iPod movies on a PC?

You can't edit iPod movies on a PC. No available PC software can export movies from a video editing software into an iPod compatible format. iMovie, only available for a Mac, is recommended with editing iPod movies, since iMovie is compatible with the .m4v file and can export the file back to a . (MORE)

How do you put 2 iPods on 1 account?

First make sure you have iTunes. (I presume you do). 1. Set up two playlists in iTunes. 2. Set the iPod preferences in iTunes so that the iPods are manually managed. 3. When you plug in the first iPod , go back into Edit: Preferences: iPod and change the settings there so that it' (MORE)

Can you use iPod shuffle speakers on your tablet PC?

No, you can not use the ipod shuffle speakers for your tablet PC. The reason for this is that the shuffle speakers come in the form of a docking station and there is not a way to plug your PC into that system.

Is there an app for getting on your PC on your Ipod?

if you mean viewing your PC from your iPod, there is. the easiest, i believe, is called splashtop. it has an app for your iPod, and will let you use your PC through your iPod. You will also need to download software for your PC, which is on splashtop's website.

How do you transfer a file from an iPod to a PC?

If your PC is a Macbook, then you can use iCloud to transfer all different types of photos, documents etc. from your iPod to your computer/iPad/iPhone (Apple product). Otherwise, depending on how and what the file is, you can email the file to yourself, then access your email account on your PC. (MORE)

What is the Video 2 PC tool used for?

The Video 2 PC is an EZCap software convertor tool that lets one convert their videos. The Video 2 PC is compatible with iMovie and Quicktime for Mac users.