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Can you use 3G internet on the iphone using any 3G sim card once the iPhone has been unlocked?

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You can use an internet service with your 3G provided if you are: 1) Using a 3G sim card and have your service activated 2) Are in a 3G coverage area 3) Are on an internet plan For more information, you should head to your mobile service provider.
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How do you unlock iPhone 3g?

all you do is buy a turbosim card off of eBay for 10-15 dollars. you just place the turbosim on your own sim card, put it in your fone, and it will be unlocked to work on any

Can you use a boostmobile sim card in your iPhone 3g?

  No, Boost Mobile phones use an iDEN wireless network. iPhones use a GSM network. While both use sim cards their networks are totally incompatible and you cannot exhange

Can you really unlock a 3g iphone?

  yes you can. you can unlock your phone using www.myiphoneunlocker.com i have used their software and it works a treat, also it gives you lifetime upgrades, so when apple

How do you get Internet access on your PC using the iPhone 3G?

Simple. Just touch on safari and if you have been connected to the itunes store , then you will be able to use internet on your PC just the same as on your iPhone 3G. There w

How do you put your SIM card in a iPhone 3g?

Look at the top edge of the iphone 3g. there is a long button, and a headphone hole. See the tiny hole between the two? stick a small object, such as the little pick that co

How to unlock iPhone 3g?

There are ways to do that are available online. But from past experience it can leave your iPhone will long term damage and ruins the Warrenty Apple gives you. If i were you,