Can you use T-Mobile SIM cards in Sprint Phones?

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No you can't, T-Mobile uses GSM technology (with sim cards) whereas Sprint uses the CDMA technology (no sim)
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Can you use nextel sim cards in sprint phones?

Answer . No. Sprint phones do not have sim cards, Unless you it is the Hybrid phone. In that case you will not be able to use a sim card from a normal nextel phone in the h

Does sprint use sim cards?

Yes I have the Samsung intrepid and it does have a sim card in it as of 2010 so im not sure what other phones have sim cards but the samsung intrepid from sprint does have a s

Can you use my T mobile sim card in a Att phone?

Yes you can do it. The T-mobile USA network uses the same network footprint as AT&T (GSM) butt there is a chance of your phone blocks the sim card by inserting it and if it is
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Can you use T Mobile SIM cards in Sprint Phones?

no they are two different companies so are you really that dumb? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SIM cards are transferable in some phones, check. The phone has to take a sim card and be