What is workmans compensation?

In Georgia Workers' Compensation insurance falls under the Workers' Compensation Act which defines the responsibility of the employer to provide prompt medical and disability (MORE)

What is workman?

A workman is usually referred to as a construction worker. They canalso be a contractor or someone who does work in a house or yard.

Who is trevor workman?

Trevor Workman is a pianist, carillonneur and organist in the West Midlands. He holds the post of organist at St. Francis church, in Bournville and is carillonneur to Bournvil (MORE)

Anyone know what class code I should use for workmans comp insurance when raising live bait?

What is your GL Class Code? A cross reference from that would be a good start.. Strictly a guess, but if it's earthworm farming I would probably use "Rated As" Feed, Grain or (MORE)

If you are in a hardship and you have a money from a medical set a side from a workmans comp case to pay for treatment can you use that money to help you live?

The problem with spending Medicare set aside money for things other than medical treatment is that Medicare will refuse to pay medical bills and providers won't perform treatm (MORE)