Can you use Workman's Comp if you work under a 1099 contract?

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First. My answers are for U.S. Employees ONLY.
If you're a 1099 employee and you work in any setting, You are covered by Workman's Comp. If you work for a company and they pay you 1099, but you work for them, same place every day, etc, they MUST carry Workmans Comp insurance to cover you.

Now there are a couple of exceptions. For instance you are, or work for ABC cleaning company. If you submit a bill or a bill is submitted on your behalf to garner payment, then it is the bill generators responsability to cover you with Workmans Comp Insurance.

If the employer informes you he does and will not carry this type of insurace, and you agree and sign off and are compensated for said lack of coverage, then your "employer" need not carry Workmans Comp Insurance on you.

If you want complete details of who and what coverages need to be carried go to and search Workmans Comp rules & regulations for YOUR STATE or Country, as all states/countries vary a small amount.
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