Can you use a Canon SD960 camera with a SanDisk - Memory Card?

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In Canon
yes you can use it. Camera is compatible with SD/SDHC, MMC/MMC Plus/HC MMC Plus cards so any of these cards will be ok.
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Should you spend the extra money for a high speed SD memory card for a Canon A560 camera or will a slower card work just as well?

Answer . Slower speed SD cards will also work in the camera but performance of camera will be slower when compared to using a higher speed SD card. When the picture is taken, picture data is temporarily stored in camera's buffer memory (RAM) before it is written to the Flash memory (in this c (MORE)

Where can you purchase Canon camera memory cards?

acually, it isn't a "canon camera memory card." you need to chech what kind of memory card it is, most likely it will be an SD memory card, and you can purchase those at pretty much any place that sells cameras, and some places that dont. walmart carries them.and camp usa and a ot of electronic stor (MORE)

How do you unlock a Canon SD memory card?

on the side of the memory card there is a little like...i don't know, thing,, and its a different colr the the memory card and it's on the top corner of one side of the memory card and you just have to switch it up or down, whatever it wasn't on before.

What is a memory card in a camera?

Some cameras have permanent memory chips where they store the pictures until you download them. A memory card is a removable "card" which is basically a portable mass storage device that you can take out and plug in to your computer and download your pictures or some printers have slots to put them (MORE)

Can you use sand disk memory card with canon powershot a540 camera?

SanDisk is a brand of memory card. The Canon A540 takes a certain type of card, see its instrucvtion book, probably it's a CompactFlash, but it may be a SecureDigital (SD). Take the camera to a pghoto retsailer and get the right card - many cameras are fussy about just which manifestation of card th (MORE)

How do you transfer memory from camera memory card?

Cameras use SD cards. If it is too small, they usually come with a slot adapter which you put in the card in. Then you put the adapter in an SD port, assuming your computer has an SD port. If it does not, then you must connect it via other means such as USB.

How do you take out a memory card from a camera?

There will be a hatch on the side or the base, flick it open, and either push the memory card until it unlocks or press the slide in the direction of the arrow. Your best bet is to get hold of a manual for your particular model (try the manufacturer's website if you don't have one - they can ofte (MORE)

Memory card error how do you fix it my sandisk sdhc card?

tengo una tarjeta sdhc sandisk de 32 gb de calidad 10 y no me funciona. En la cámara de video SONY X1 me pone el siguiente dialogo: the tarjet wil be repaird. Intento formatear la tarjeta y me dice que the tarjet can't be formated, si alguien me puede dar una solución, muchas gracias.

Can a camera memory card be used as a psp memory card?

Yes, But you must Format the memory card. You can do this by inserting it in the PSP then go to Settings/ System Settings/ Format Memory Stick This will delete everything on the memory card and make folders for the PSP. Basically it formats it so that the PSP knows where everything is (MORE)

Can you use your memory card from your camera to download your pictures on your notebook?

Yes you can - there's a number of ways you can do it:- Use a USB cable to connect the camera directly to the notebook, or If the notebook has one, insert the memory card into the multimedia slot, or Use a USB adapter (which is how I do it) - insert the card into the adapter and insert the adapt (MORE)

How do you get a memory card out of a camera?

It may be in a place in your camera that has an opening, not the place to charge, but a bigger place perhaphs. In the corner there is a little card, 1 inch-2 and that may be, if there is nothing there, Then you bought the camera without the memory card best place to buy them : Best Buy, Rite Aid, i (MORE)

How can a camera memory card be erased?

To delete the information from a memory card, you need to plug it into a device and move all the items on the memory card over to the trash can on that device. This will delete it from the memory card.

What are camera memory cards used for?

Camera memory cards are used in digital camera to store all of the data for the photos. The information can then be transferred onto a computer to allow the photos to be shared or viewed.

Where can one find Canon memory cards?

One can find Canon memory cards at big box retailers such as Walmart and Target. One can also find Canon memory cards at drugstores such as Walgreen and Shopper's Drug Mart. These cards can be purchased at online shopping sites as well.