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Can you use a dead persons social security number too get credit?

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As long as you pay all balances and don't try to avoid repayment, there is nothing 'fraudulent' about this. The previous poster was either naive or lying to you. 'Fraud' refers exclusively to getting goods and services and planning not to pay for them. It does NOT refer to using a dead person's name.

That said, the credit bureau will likely catch it, and not issue you any credit.
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Can nonresidents in US with no Social Security Number apply for a credit card and be approved?

Yes we can. This is how I did it: I first apply for a SECUREDcredit card at a local bank for $500 dollars. In the following 3years I had been depositing more money to my secur

How can you get an unsecured credit card without a Social Security number?

There is no US law requiring social security numbers to get a credit card. Banks do it out of convenience so they don't have to obtain extra information to give you a card. Yo

Could you use a dead person's social security number to get credit cards?

I hope you wouldn't want to. The idea is that this fraud should be prevented by financial institutions' referring to the Social Security Death Index or Death Master File. This

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The llegal use of a dead persons Social Security Number?

The police can arrest you and put you in jail for doing that. And if you collect benefits from that person's SS number you will be prosecuted, fined and have to repay what you

How do you get a dead persons social security number?

If you want it to commit identity theft or fraud, then please go ask the FBI. You'll know whether you're asking for the right reasons based on whether they arrest you or not.

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How do you correct an incorrect social security number on credit checks?

If it is the error of the organization's paperwork, write them with the necessary information for the account and inform them of the mistake. If you deliberately gave them a