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Can you use a digital camera to record a video?

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Most, but not all, digital cameras will record videos.
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Where can you find downloadable software for a Sony Digital Video Camera Recorder that will allow your Mac to recognize the camera and let you edit your movies using iMovie?

Answer1:Go to, sony.com. Click on service & support. Click on drivers/software. Fill in information needed on the following screens.    Answer 2:Any Video Converter Ultim

How do you record video with Nikon CoolPix 5700 digital camera?

  first you have to turn the round thing on top of the camera and make it to a video picture then you will find in the screen like a red point and next to it you will find

What is video camera digital format?

Well it's a camera that's um digital and uh the format is the whole thing and that is it really good of you to ask it

Are digital video cameras easy to use?

Digital video cameras like most things can be easy depending on the user and model. Some people already have the knowledge as others need to read instructions.

Which models of digital video camera recorders does Sony make?

Sony makes four models of Sony Digital Video Camera Recorders. They are the standard, the HD, the 3D HD, and the projector. These video cameras come in a variety of colors. Th

Whats the best make of Sony digital video camera recorder?

The HVR-V1U is a good brand for Sony's digital video camera recorder. This is just one of many that Sony carries and all are very good products. Check with any retailer that s