Can you use a Ethernet splitter to divide a PC and directv HD receiver on a single port modem to use both computer and directv on demand?

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In DirecTV
To use DIRECTV on demand and other connected features, an HD DVR would need to be connected via an Ethernet Cable in parallel with other networked devices into a router then to your modem.   If you have Whole Home DVR service with DIRECTV then you'll need a Cinema Connection Kit otherwise you may have issues using your internet and whole home dvr services.  Cinema Connection Kits come in wired and wireless options.
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Can you use both USB and Ethernet for a single PC at a time from your modem what happens if you connect both to home PC which connection is best for you in all aspects like virus security speed etc?

Ethernet provides a much faster transfer rate. For normal internet services like DSL and cable, you wont see a difference between USB and ethernet. Ethernet is good if you have more than one computer networked and youre transfering data between the computers. As far as Virus protection goes, that al (MORE)

How do you hook up vhs recorder to DirecTV hd receiver?

Unless your DirecTV receiver has a composite (analog) output of some type, like a component level or RF level, it'd be a waste of time because the signals aren't compatible.Connect your VCR to the a/v outputs on the DirecTV box.

Looking for program code for olevia tv using directv any ideas?

SOLUTION: Ok... I HAD the same problem... Direct TV Remote wouldn't work with Olevia TV despite ANY codes that Direct TV or anybody replying to solution forums say they are. I DID find a solution though! Use the Remote's Code search function, BUT SKIP the first code that turns off the TV... CONTINUE (MORE)

How do you connect a DirecTV HD DVR to a Mac?

First, connect the Macintosh computer to an available WIRED Ethernet jack. Then, connect your Directv HD DVR to an available Ethernet jack near it. Then go into the Directv menu, select Setup, then network. Go to advanced set up. Key in you IP Address info and click continue or connect now. Your HD (MORE)

Can you use a dish from Dish Network and a receiver from DirecTV?

Just to clarify on the answers given. The LNBs are different for DISH Network and DTV along with the receivers. The LNB and receiver takes the signal from the satellite and gives you your signal on your TV. As stated, you can't use different receivers and LNB from different companies. The dish outsi (MORE)

Old directv satellite receivers uses?

A practical use for entertainment could be to use some features with MediaShare, built in OTA antenna tuner, and running "TV apps". All of this is built in to newer receivers.

Directv single LNB antenna you have 2 receivers with different accounts you would like to hook them both to a splitter so that you could choose which one would control the satellite?

You don't control the satellite by the receiver in your home. The satellite is controlled by a the satellite operator which sends telemetry commands up to the satellite using a large dish antenna. I think what you mean is: how can I use both receivers with a single LNB? What you need is a spli (MORE)

You have 2 directv accounts and receivers How can you hook them up to the same single LNB antenna?

The following explaination is all well and good, but the main reason that you can't use a single LNB by itself and connect two receivers together to it is because the LNB switches between either the horizontal or vertical polarity by voltages supplied by the receiver. \n. \nWhat you need is a spli (MORE)

Which has more HD programming cable or directv?

DirecTV does and has far more bandwidth to add HD channels. (remember DirecTV is transmitting local stations for like 50 markets in the US, at 4 per city, that alone is 200 channels they have up and going so can they count that?). They can put up more satellites, but Cable is always limited by the b (MORE)

Can you use a directv dish with a dishnetwork receiver?

Hi! I happened to run across your question just wanted to provide some clarification & confirm a DirecTV satellite dish will not work with our DISH Network programming, the alignment of the dish is different because our DISH Network programming is shown using different satellite orbital's than Direc (MORE)

How much does a directv HD receiver cost?

First, it should be noted that all receivers are leased (even those gotten from Best Buy or Costco). The "Lease/Equipment Upgrade Fee" is generally $99 for an HD Receiver and $199 for an HD DVR from Directv themselves (not counting install or delivery & handling). That being said, depending on promo (MORE)

Do cable modems have 2 Ethernet ports?

as far as i know, no they dont. but a cheap/common router is the lynksys wrt54g/gs and they will allow you to add up to 4 wired computers, plus wireless computers. they can be had for about $30 online

What is the Ethernet port used for?

The "Ethernet Port" Obviously is used for the Ethernet cable which often connects computers to a router. A router is a device that gets the Internet or from the phone/Internet port and routes it to your computer routers are required for ADSL and ADSL2+ to work. Oftener more than one computer is conn (MORE)

If you use an adsl modem and connected to two computer is your ip same on both computers?

No, each computer must have a different IP address. The IP addresses have to be in the same subnet between themselves, and in the same subnet as the ADSL router (or modem); I won't explain subnets here, but usually having the same numbers for the first 3 parts of the IP address is enough. For exampl (MORE)

Does Directv and Dish Network use TCP IP?

My Dish Network receiver is connected to my home LAN and the internet via TCP/IP for remote control of my DVR, on-demand movie downloads, etc. IIRC, there's a place in the Dish OnLine menu to get the receiver to request an IPv4 address from a DHCP server. If there's no IP address, then there's no re (MORE)

What device can you use to connect two or more computers with a single cable modem?

You can use a router, either wired (Ethernet) or wireless to connect two or more computers with a single cable modem. You would need either Category 5, 5e, or Category 6 Ethernet cables to do this. Also, you may set up a wireless Local Area Network (otherwise known as LAN) if your type of router sup (MORE)

How do you use Ethernet port as USB port?

Well, you may know that USB ports can be used for similar and same purposes as Ethernet. Really, the only hardware need is a converter. Another Answer The Ethernet ports on a computer system are supported by standard TCP/IP protocol layers, while the USB ports are supported by a serial standard. (MORE)

What are Ethernet splitters used for?

An ethernet cable splitter is used to reduce the amount of ethernet cable you need when connecting two computer networks or even two computers. An ethernet splitter is not something that allows you to share one Internet connection between two devices.

What is an Ethernet splitter used for?

An ethernet splitter allows you to use one incoming internet line on more than one device. It effectively splits the line in two pieces. This way, you can connect two computers or other devices using one line.

What is an Ethernet cable splitter use for?

An ethernet cable splitter is used to simplify the amount of ethernet cable needed when connecting more than one computer to a network. Ethernet cable splitters are not needed for only one computer.

Can you use 2 Ethernet cables to connect a laptop to a PC computer and to the internet?

Your laptop, and probably your PC will probably not have 2 Ethernetports to connect two Ethernet cables. It is possible to use bothWiFi and your Ethernet port. It is also possible to add anadditional Ethernet card to a PC or add a USB or PC-card basedEthernet interface. If you did have a machine wit (MORE)

TiVo and Directv both provide what service?

since its launch in the united states, TiVo has been made avalaible in Australia, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Puerto rico, Taiwan, and the united kingdom, newer models, however have adopted CableCard standard

Where can one purchase a DirecTV receiver?

Although one can lease a receiver at various locations, you can actually only buy a new DirecTV receiver from DirecTV or very select retailers. Keep in mind though that the cost to purchase will be far greater then leasing however.

Where can one purchase a DirecTV HD receiver?

As an electronic device, one would be able to purchase a DirecTV HD receiver from either one's local electronics retailer (i.e JB HiFi), local general retailers or through online retailers such as Amazon. In general, it would be advisable to purchase from an online retailer as they often feature re (MORE)