Can you use a usb port modem on your apple iPad to connect to the internet?

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You have internet with cable dsl modem can you hook the laptop to the modem using usb lap top only has printer portserialcom port mouse keyboard connection and monitor hookups?

Answer . No. If your laptop does not have the port required to use the modem and at the very least has a PCMCIA card slot, you must buy the necessary PCMCIA card, such as an ethernet adapter, assuming your cable or dsl modem uses such a connector.. Answer . There is now this USB LAN (try gogg (MORE)

Can you connect USB to a Firewire Port?

Answer . At first no as they are separate technologies (USB- Universal Serial Bus, Firewire- IEEE 1394a/Firewire 400), so you cannot connect a usb to a firewall or visa versa. There are ways however. These include purchasing two expansion cards (PCI, ISA or SCSI depending on the type and space (MORE)

Can you use the USB kindle to connect to the internet?

Yes, technically it is possible, but you would have to hack the Kindle so as to have the data it receives be transferred to the computer, and vice versa. And besides, it would be illegal because it says in the terms of use that you can not reverse engineer the Kindle.

Can you connect your internet using a USB?

USB stands for Universal Serial Bus... If you meant to ask if you can use your USB port to somehow connect to the internet, then yes. You can get a USB wireless (Wifi) adapter if you have a wireless network (or wireless router, connect to a high-speed internet connection like Cable, DSL, etc...) (MORE)

Can you connect a Wii to the internet using a dial-up connection and usb WiFi connector?

I use the one that says WIFI LINK on the front of it and it works fine this should work: If you have the driver installed and the adaptor installed these are the instructions.. 1.Connect to the internet.. 2.Plug in your adaptor.. 3.Go to control panel go to network and internet connections then g (MORE)

Do you have to use a modem with your router to connect to the internet?

yes the modem is what "connects" to the internet, not the router or the computer. Really, the computer connects to the router or the modem, if your using a router than the router connects to the modem, and the modem connects to the system by which your ISP provides you internet service (i.e. DSL, (MORE)

How do connect to Xbox live using a 3g wireless USB modem?

xbox wont connect with any other hardware besides a computer and the xbox wireless usb so use the 3g wireless usb in a computer and then use an Ethernet cable from the xbox to the computer then use a video from youtube (MORE)

How do you connect your ds to the internet using a usb connecter?

To connect yourds to the internet you could also use the 'sd'. You could buy it at coputer repairs and etc. This is actually a suggestion. I, specifically don't know how to connect the ds ti the internet using a usb connector... Do you really need that usb connector? Ok, the usb connecter should co (MORE)

Can you use two modems on one internet connection?

HOW TO: Set Up Multiple-Device (Multilink) Dialing in Windows XP This article describes how to configure multiple-device dialing in Windows XP.... This article describes how to configure multiple-device dialing in Windows XP. With Windows XP, you can use multiple modems to connect to your In (MORE)

What does the modem do when the user is connected to the internet?

The word "modem" is short for "modulator-demodulator" which is essentially what it does. A computer moves data around on parallel wires by applying one or another voltage to each wire (representing 0's and 1's) and the voltage is read at the other end of the wires. This is digital communication. In (MORE)

How do you use a modem to connect to the internet?

Modem is used to connect a PC to the internet.Generally household & offices use 2 types of modems (i) Dial Up Modem (ii) DSl Modem Internet connectivity through DSL Modems is quite fast as compared to Dial up Modem. For connecting a modem to the PC , first connect the hardware unit, then in (MORE)

Does the Apple iPad require Internet?

The iPad is certainly internet capable, but internet is not a necessity unless you want to download any apps, music etc... alternatively you could connect the iPad to a itunes capable computer, and upload from there. Either way, internet is needed.

How do you use a usb cable to connect to your modem?

When you get your cable modem, it should come with a CD in which you can install the drivers(Software of the modem) to you computer using a USB cable. After its complete you should be able to access the internet without using the Ethernet cable

How do you connect safari to internet on iPad?

If you bought the more expensive 3G enabled version it is easy: Go to Settings -> Turn on 3G and flick the slider to 'on' position. If you did not buy 3G version then you have to be in a WiFi enable place like a Starbucks, or your home if you have wireless internet. To Turn this on you must go: Sett (MORE)

When purchasing a new computer that doesn't have a modem port and then you decide that you want to use a dial-up connection to the Internet what is the least expensive way to obtain a modem port?

Buy yourself a Creative Labs Modem Blaster. It's a card that will go inside your tower and not only give you dial up Internet Capabilities, but a speaker phone as well. You could go even cheaper, but they are so cheap now days the Modem Blaster is down to next to nothing and is a good quality modem. (MORE)

What devices can be connected to a USB port?

An USB microphone An USB cable mouse Probably a cellphone so you can connect to the files you have on it. An USB memory Actually everything that has a usb cable that can be connected to a USB port will work. Hope this helped you.. -Raul

How do you connect to the internet using a USB adapter on a mini tablet?

Unless the tablet has an accessory that allows you to connect to the internet this way, you can't. If the tablet has wifi built in, you can connect to a wireless network. Some mini-tablets that do not have wifi or 3G built in come with a USB adapter that allows it to connect to a Wireless Network (MORE)

How can you connect to Xbox Live using a Clear USB Modem?

well u really cant connect with a usb modem, but u need a wireless power charged usb or a wifi modem. oh and to connect ur xbox live, first go system settings,network settings and then u should find ur connection. wierd or wireless

How do you connect an apple keyboard to a iPad?

The apple wireless keyboard can be connected simply by holding down the power button on the edge of the keyboard until the keyboard goes into discover mode. Then open your iPad settings Bluetooth and choose the Apple keyboard. USB keyboards cannot be connected to the iPad.

How does a cable modem connect to the internet?

The Cable Modem is able to take incoming traffic from groups of customs on a certain channel and it routes it to the Internet Service Provider (also known as ISP) for an internet connection. For a more in depth overview of how it works there is an abundance of more information online.

What can be connected to the USB port?

Anything that has a USB plug on it can connect to a USB port. USB means Universal Serial Bus. During the 1990's, the number of different plugs were starting to get crazy. There were parallel ports, serial ports, SCSI ports, game/MIDI ports, TWAIN sockets, mouse sockets, keyboard sockets and various (MORE)

How do you connect a USB modem to a router?

This is beyond my limits of knowledge. I use computers but have no real interest on how they work. All this technical guff about connecting this and connecting that, just seems a waste of everyone ones' time.