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Can you use iTunes on Android tablets?

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You can not use iTunes on android. But you could transfer all your iTunes data to android by Jihosoft iTunes to android transfer if you want.
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Can you use iTunes card on tablet?

You can use an iTunes card on an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, or on a Mac or Windows computer running iTunes. You can't use an iTunes card on any other kind of tablet.

What is the newest Android tablet OS?

4.2.2 (Jelly Bean)

Who makes the Android Tablet?

The Android operating system itself was developed by Google however they do not manufacture the actual tablets. The individual tablets are produced by a variety of manufacture

What can you do on Android tablet?

Here is a list: Read Books (with Google Play Book Store)Watch Movies (with Google Play Movies)Download GamesDownload ApplicationsGo to the internetListen to Music... Hope th

Is the Android tablet a phone?

Not all of them. Some only have wifi data connection capabilities, some have 4G data but no phone service (unless you don't mind making calls over VOIP networks like Skype).

Can you download roblox on to an Android tablet?

No.it only works on only windows operating systems.it is not compatible with an Android operating sysyem.

How do you download the bible on the Android tablet?

You must have the Android market activated in order to download and install the bibles available for Android. There are other ways but thy include knowing how to manipulate An

How do you remove virus from Android tablet?

You can do a factory reset, it will delete all your viruses, applications, contacts. Another option is to delete useless applications.

How do you download an app on the Android tablet?

all u have to do is go to home page and then then go to the market. after u come at the market all u have to do is touch the app u want to download and then it will Download a