Can you use lye to clear clogged pipes?

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Yes, Drain-o's main ingredient is lye. Pour a cup in the drain, wait 5 minutes, flush with hot water.
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How can you clear out corrosion clogging your faucets without tearing your pipes apart?

Answer . \nThe clog may be at the faucet itself. If the faucet has a screen, try removing that first. If no screen, or nothing is found in the screen, the clog may be something lodged in the faucet's valve or the flexible tubing connecting the faucet to the pipe. If clearing these doesn't solve (MORE)

Do eggshells clog pipes?

Answer . They can. Pouring vinegar down a drain clogged with eggshells should unclog it as the vinegar dissolves the eggshells.

Is sulfuric acid safe to use when clearing lead waste pipes?

If your talking about Hercules Clobber, Wham , Sizzle etc. It would depend on the age and condition of the lead piping and what is causing the stoppage. . Normally I would use these type of chemicals if all other mechanical means fail as once it is poured in there is no saying oops .

How do you unplug a clog in water pipes?

Answer . A clog in your "water pipe" probably means sediment is plugging it. Pipes must come apart until the clog is found, then clear pipe or replace that section. If the clog is in your toilet, instead of plunging down, try to put plunger in toilet gently all the way to the bottom, then yank u (MORE)

What is lye?

a strong alkali which is highly soluble in water to produce caustic basic solutions. It has many uses in both the household and in food. For example, one use is to brine olives.

Why do water pipes get clogged?

Answer . sticky substances cling to walls of pipes, grabbing bits of hair, food, etc., growing larger until the orifice is completely plugged. this usually happens at bends of the pipe where a natural restriction of flow is present. sometimes, with metal pipe, rust is present on the walls of the (MORE)

How do you clear a clogged outlet for a central vacuum?

All of these ideas are good. But,before you start this process, check to be sure that all of youroutlets are sealed. Once of ours had been accidentally propped openby a pillow, causing the suction to be severely reduced. It was avery easy fix, but a waste of an hour for me for not checking itfirst. (MORE)

How do you clear a clogged pipe for a central vacuum?

1. You will have to unclog your system with another vacuum. Disconnect your central vac dirt canister. Go to each inlet, insert the hose end of another vacuum into the opening at each inlet. (You may have to wrap duct tape around the hose end to insure a snug fit) . 2. Once you have unclogged your (MORE)

How do you clear a clog in your cars radiator?

\n. \nTake it to a radiator shop and have them boil it out. But be aware that it will probably cost almost as much as a new radiator. I'm a retired ASE Master/L-1 Technician. I still keep current with the latest automotive technology.

How to use lye for raw sewage?

Lye should be used where there is proper air circulation. In solidform, it reacts with metals. When combined with water, it can causea fire and should be used accordingly.

Ive used a snake down the sewer pipe but is still clogged?

The problem could be anything from a small ball thrown down the drain, to roots clogging up the sewer line, to a cracked sewer line, all of which have been known to block sewer lines. Best bet is to dig down where the rods end and investigate the problem

Is lye soap safe to use?

Yes, lye soap is safe to use in fact that is what I use every day. When I was a child, my father used to make lye soap which we all used regularly. Except that it didn't have perfume, it was no different from 'store bought' soap. In previous centuries, many people made and used lye soap.

What is the use of lye?

nothing really, because the person that is lying will regret that they have lied about an incident or something.

What are different ways to clear water line clogs?

Even if you have a very high mineral content there should not be enough buildup in a water line, it will be at the hot water tank and the fixtures. If it is the water line replace with pex, it is very cheap and better than copper.. Although i agree with the statement above to a certain degree. Th (MORE)

Why is lye used in homemade soap?

Lye is either sodium or potassium hydroxide. Strong bases such as those break apart fats to form glycerin and fatty acid salts. These fatty acid alts are commonly known as soap.

Clear clogged ink jet nozzle on printer?

Remove the print cartridge from the printer.\nGently wipe the metal print head with a wet paper towel.\nMove the paper towel to a clean spot with each wipe.\nWipe about 5 times or so, then replace in printer and try a test print. Repeat until clog is cleared.

Will flushing food down the toilet clog the pipes?

Sometimes it will, sometimes it won't. You're taking chances if you do. Same as putting a bunch of paper towels down the toilet. Usually the toilet will back up and overflow before the lines will clog as the p-trap built into the toilet is smaller than the diameter of the sewer pipe.

How is lye used?

Lye is a corrosive alkaline substance, commonly, sodium hydroxide (NaOH). Previously, lye was among the many different alkalis leached from hardwood ashes. In modern day, lye is commercially manufactured using a membrane cell method, which is an improvement from the previous diaphragm cell methods (MORE)

Lye water using for food?

Food uses of sodium hydroxide (LYE) include washing or chemical peeling of fruits and vegetables, chocolate and cocoa processing, caramel color production, poultry scalding, soft drink processing, and thickening ice cream. Olives are often soaked in sodium hydroxide to soften them, while pretzels an (MORE)

How do you clear clogged Eustachian tubes?

GO TO A CHIROPRACTOR!! All three of my children have enjoyed the amazing benefits of upper cervical adjustments relieving ear aches for years! I love my DC and would recommend and suggest this completely non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical treatment for 'clogged Eustachian' tubes!!! Good luck!

Can you use lye on a septic system?

I would not recommend it. Among other things, it will kill the digestive enzymes in your settling tank, could harm your pump to your field and could cause coagulation of fats that could block up your system.

What works best to clear a clogged toilet?

It really depends on a few things, where the clog is(is it in the toilet itself or in the "stack" below the toilet that runs into the sewer system and what is causing the clog. For lack of a better way of saying it, if it is toilet paper or a large #2 then a plunger will usually do the trick. (MORE)

How do you clear a clogged garbage disposal?

A plunger is still the best tool, but if you have a double sink it gets a little tricky. On a double sink you will need to plug the opposite drain; if your drain has a basket that screws in that will work, but if it does not then use this method to close off that drain. Put whatever stopper you have (MORE)

What happens if your exhaust pipe gets clogged?

One of a number of things can happen if your exhaust pipe becomes clogged. - If the obstructing object isn't too tight, the engine will likely simply blow it out, easily if loose or with quite bang if tight. Something like dirt, snow, or if someone is pranking you with a banana in the tailpipe, t (MORE)

Clogged tail pipe?

If there is little or no exhaust coming out the pipe and a lack of power, it is most likely the catalytic converter bad.

How do you clear clogged sink if have septic?

I guess you will need to get a plumber to investigate and clear offthe chokage to start afresh. Moving forward, whether you have agarbage disposal or not, you should install a good sink strainer tokeep off the food scrapes.

How do you locate clog in the drain pipe?

If it is not in the trap, then it usually can only be located by "snaking" the pipe with a plumber's snake, a length of braided steel cable with a pincer or spiral spring end. The snake can be pushed through the pipe easily until it meets the obstruction, where it stops. Rotating the snake then bore (MORE)

What is average price a plumber charges to snake a clogged pipe?

150 plus hours Normally it would depend on the size of the pipe For example 11/2 -2" would be a minimum of $150 up to a half hr in ime .. A Roto guys charged a lady $450 to clear an 11/2 tub stoppage in 15 minutes and the sataoppage was not cleared properly Main sewers and storm drains require a la (MORE)

How is lye used in cooking?

Lye can not be ingested so it is not used for cooking. Some olives are cured in lye as part of the curing process.

What is the use of clear PVC pipe?

Clear PVC pipes are typically used in bathrooms and toilets so that blockages can be found easier. The PVC material also offers exceptional corrosion resistance and has a smooth interior wall to promote unimpeded flow.

Which chemical can be used to clear clogged kitchen sinks?

you can use following three components for cleaning the blockeddrain: baking soda - 2cup hot water - 4 cup white vinegar - 1 cup 1. put 1 cup baking soda in the drain, then put 2 cup hot water 2. after few minutes put remaining cup of baking soda in the drainand white vinegar after it. immediately (MORE)

Will copper sulfate clear a clogged drain?

No. The compound of choice for drain cleaners is sodium hydroxide.It is one of two compounds known as lye (the other being potassiumhydroxide). Use caution. Sodium hydroxide is a strong base capableof causing severe chemical burns if it gets on your skin or eyes.