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Yes, Suboxone also works as a painkiller. However, my experience has been that it does not work very well.
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Suboxone was originally designed to assist in reducing drug withdrawal effects from addicts. Much like other drugs, it was discovered to have qualities to assist the brain in how it processes pain signals from the body.
My pain mgmt doctor had me on so much hydrocodone and Oxycontin that I could not function. The suboxone is a sublime drug (dissolved under the tongue for the most direct route through your blood to the brain) that travels quickly and has immediate pain relief results but in order for it to be effective, it MUST BE MONITORED BY A PSYCHIATRIST THAT IS LICENSED SPECIFICALLY TO DISPENSE THE DRUG. This is because it is a 'level' drug and the Dr must increase/decrease the medication based upon pain relief and the body's reaction. At first, it will make someone drowsy-it is not a recreational drug! One minute a patient can be awake and coherent then fall asleep within seconds of sitting down-combining it with any of it's catalysts can be deadly. There are over 750 drugs that have negative interactions with Suboxone.
I have a plate in my throat for a 5 disk fusion from breaking my neck, reconstructed leg, and phantom pain from ligament that were stripped from my leg. There is no way I would return to any other meds such as the hydros and oxys, or even vicadan. If I have a surgery I won't take them because a person has to be weened off of them (re-exposing yourself to pain) before rebuilding the suboxone.
If a person is not feeling any results it is more likely that they are not taking the meds correctly. It needs to be placed in a dry mouth under the tongue, for the best results schedule doses during a time that you can lay flat (gravity will keep it from ending up in the stomach) for about 10 minutes (I meditate). The outcome is to get it into the soft tissue not the esophagus. Again I emphasize, this is a drug to use only when the others no longer work-alcohol will make the drug deadly!!!!
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What can you do to help your pain from withdrawing from Suboxone?

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Is Suboxone for pain?

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What pain medication can i use while on suboxone?

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Yes, there is a part in the chemical make up of Suboxone that has pain relief properties.

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What pain meds can you take while on Suboxone?

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