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You can use the trademark ™ symbol on any unique name or logo you created and use. It does not require special registration yet still signifies your ownership. The Registered symbol ® is similar to the trademark symbol but it requires registration with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO or PTO). The copyright symbol © is similar to the trademark symbol and does not require registration (though it is recommended), however it is for use on intellectual property as opposed to brand names.
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Is it legally necessary to constantly use the trademark symbol if the same trademark appears repeatedly in an article or is using the symbol once at the beginning of the article enough?

  It is not "legally necessary" to use the trademark symbol EVER (unless you have a license agreement from the owner that says otherwise). However, some registration owner

How do you get the trademark symbol?

To add the trademark symbol in html (™) you can call the HTML entity. To do this, you add an ampersand followed either by the entities name, or it's number, and then a semic

Is the trademark symbol copyrighted?

No; it is too short to qualify as a literary work, and as a work of the federal government it is exempt from copyright protection in accordance with 17USC105.

Is it necessary to use the trademark symbol throughout a website?

Use of the trademark symbol is optional, but it doesn't hurt. For logos it's often part of the image file, so it would actually be more work not to use it. This page is full o
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Where can one find the US trademark symbol?

One can find the US trademark symbol from the USPTO's Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS) database for free. One alternative you can do is to hire an attorney to make th