Can you use water from a dehumidifier to water house plants?

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It wont hurt the plants. but the water may be lacking some of its natural minerals.
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Why sea water should not be used to house plant?

Answer Sea Water is salty and might not be useful for watering house plants because salt will ruin the plant by osmosis due to water potential differences. So, better to use

What happens when house plants get over watered?

When house plants or potted plants are over watered the following happens: . The soil becomes supersaturated and oxygen (trapped in pore spaces in the soil) is forced out

Can you use bath water to water your plants?

Yes, the plant will feel happy when you give it it's first bath. Then days later it will be tall and a teenager. And it won't need your smelly bath water anymore. So...... y

Why you use water to water plant?

the reason you use water to water plants is so that they can grow and be strong and healthy. ----------------------------------------------------. Water is needed by plants