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Can you use white cornmeal for cornbread?

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Yes, you can :). The first time I ever had homemade cornbread, they had used white cornmeal. I've also actually used Masa Harina flour ( like what you use to make tortillas) in a pinch and it baked up beautifully and had a "Mexican" flavor to it. My husband actually preferred it to the regular cornbread I make with yellow cornmeal. So, long story short- yes, you can!
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What is cornmeal used for?

Breading fish and okra for frying, making cornbread, hush puppies, it is also used in some breads, making mush and in types of pancakes.

Do you have to use eggs in cornbread?

There may be a recipe without eggs, but it's likely to be very tough and hard when baked. The eggs are what make it light and at the same time keep it together.

What can use substitute for cornmeal?

Just to clarify (because previous answer was incorrect): You do not use CORNMEAL to thicken with. You use CORNFLOUR. If you do not have cornmeal then you can substitute POLEN

How do you replace cornmeal in cornbread?

By definition, cornbread must be made with cornmeal. Cornbread without cornmeal is a biscuit. And that is not necessarily a bad thing. You could take a biscuit recipe (I would

Can you use cornmeal in a zucchini bake?

Depends on what zucchini bake you're referring too. I substitute cornmeal all the time when I don't have breadcrumbsfor a baked zucchini recipe.

What is the purpose of using cornmeal in bread?

Depends on the type of bread. When making cornbread, that's what gives it the taste. If substituting some cornmeal for all-purpose flour in a recipe, it's to give it additiona

What can you use as a substitute for oil in cornbread?

Butter, margarine, shortening, melt and let cool. For most things, fat is fat and will produce pretty much the same product. This works for replacing oil, the reverse is not a

What can you replace cornmeal with in cornbread for corn allergies?

You should not attempt to even feed a allergic person that even if yo find a way to get rid of the cornmeal, but then it wouldn't be cornbread anymore would it? It would to te