Can you watch TV through Apple TV?

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Yes, you can watch TV shows through apple tv, however you currently cannot watch live shows.
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What does apple TV do?

Apple TV is a small to medium box (that is white or black) which is connected to your TV. If you can't find any CD's that don't show what you want to see, a series that you se

Does apple TV work on TVs?

Yes. It allows you to stream content from your iTunes library, Netflix and the iTunes store to your TV.

How Can you Watch Live TV Through your Laptop?

The first method is by getting a PCTV USB device. The second method is by using satellite tv tuner. A PCTV device, when plugged in to laptops and connected to a broadband wire

Can you watch normal TV on an Apple TV?

Only if you go out and buy a special remote. It's called the "Llama Universal TV Remote." It appears in the shelves of any usual supermarket such as Wal-Mart or A&P. Once you
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Can you watch live TV on Apple TV?

no, it is meant to connect to your iOS devices and Apple computers and also stream Netflix hulu+ Amazon instant video + so much more
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How can you watch TV through your router?

You can stream tv and movies to your tv through your router to a receiver box ... There are many kinds (can't mention name brands I don't think) You plug the box into your TV