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Can you watch the movie saying you need coral player to watch this movie with any other player or software?

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Typically, you should avoid movies that want you to download some unknown player...

Beware the Scams
You should also be alert for scams related to video playback. The scams are usually related to "new" video formats needing either a new special codec or a new player, which you only can get from their never-heard of website.
There are several attack types:
  1. Video format requires a new "codec" or special player for playback, which codec sometimes is actually a virus / malware / worm / personal info grabber / whatever...
  2. Video may also contain Digital Rights Management (DRM), which needs a special codec.
  3. You need to register / give personal information for being able to download the codec (or to unpack/unzip/unrar files in the torrent).

You should be very careful, if the download site is not Microsoft, Apple, Sony or some really well recognized major music company (and also their DRM stuff can be intrusive). Personally I would never download any DRM codecs from never-heard of small sites. You should not give any personal details there.
In general, it is best to stick with the major players (like VLC) and widely-distributed codecs from well-known sources. Downloading some new obscure codec might help you to play the video in question, but you should really weight the risks before downloading a new codec from an unknown supplier.
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