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Can you win back a narcissist that has left you for another woman?

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Did the person leave because they're a narcissist, have love for the other person, or both?
If the individual has left you for someone else, why would you want the person back? Move on! The right person for you may just be right around the corner.

Answer2: A narcissist has more love for themselves than anyone else anyway, so what makes you think you can win them back once they have left. Please move on, you deserve better than a narcissist anyway.
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Why are you very depressed over a narcissist ex who left you for another girl and want him back even though he insults and abuses you?

NO MEANS NO   Well I must start off my saying that I was abused, and I NEED to answer this question for you. First I am going to say that the reason you want him still is b

How do you win a woman back after a break-up?

Answer You have to tell them you were wrong about breaking up.Being a woman myself, I am very sensitive. When a boy asks me if Iwant to get back with them, I normally ask if w

How do you win back my boyfriend from other woman?

First of all do not smother him or dog him down. If you really want your man back you want him to miss you and just remember what drives a man crazy is when he can't have what

Will narcissists always come back to a good source after they find another?

  My best guess, based on experience, is that the N will always attempt to keep a source close by. The N will, at least, attempt to ensure they can call upon the source wh

If you ignore your ex-narcissist will he start looking at another woman?

If he is a narcissist, he already has other women. He may have a main woman who can support him and give him what he needs to survive, but he is getting sex elsewhere and usi

Why would a narcissist keep going back to the same woman if he does not love her?

 Because she probably puts up with his bad behavior over and over again. She is probably insecure and needy and the narcissist knows he can get away with anything with her.

How to win a ''narcissist ''?

OMG ! why would you want to win a narcissist! Obviously, you should research what a narcissist is first. That is what I had to do and believe me that is the last thing I would

Do narcissists come back to old relationships and friendships after they have left or been dumped?

My exN continuously falls out with his friends. He never gets invited anywhere, and when he does he ands up arguing with them. He has managed to isolate himself and has admitt

How Can you win your Narcissist ex girlfriend back from a married man?

More importantly, why would you want to? Narcissists NEVER change....NEVER. They only value and see themselves at the expense of everything and everyone around them. They will

Would a true narcissist replace their family and try to have children right away with another woman if you've left him and taken the children?

    Answer     Narcissist is one of those "buzz words" that everyone likes to use to the point that it has no meaning. Maybe he's just a jerk. Maybe he is im

Why would a narcissist want you to stay in contact with his mother after dumping you for another woman?

    Keeping tabs and/or delegating scut-work     I see two possible reasons.   First, he will almost certainly use his mother as a source of information ab