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This will depend on the type of Disability contract you have, and also the exact situation.

If you are partially disabled, meaning that you can still work a few days a week or a few hours a day, but have suffered a loss of income because of the disabling illness or injury, then the answer is yes. You are able to work, and will normally be required to work partially. During this time frame, you will receive (assuming your policy has this) Residual Disability benefits, which is essentially partial benefits.

If you are totally disabled and unable to do your regular form of work, then the only way you are able to work is if you have a "Pure Own-Occupation" Disability policy and the work you are doing is considered a different occupation. Most Disability contracts are what is called "Modified Own-Occupation" Disability policies, which will protect your specific job, but will not pay full benefits if you are gainfully employed elsewhere.
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