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Can your IRA be garnished for child support in California?

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Can child support garnish 401k in Illinois?

No Benefits and refunds payable by pension or retirement funds are exempt and not subject to deduction orders. 735 ILCS 5/12-804. See also the exemptions listed in the section

Can child support garnish financial aid?

Yes and no. Pell Grants and Student Loans are exempt from garnishment by federal law. This money will go directly to your college and pay for books and such. School must be pa

Can VA benefits be garnished for child support?

The simple answer to this question is no. Can a judge do anything they want with judicial immunity? The answer is yes. It's up to the lawyers to present the law and convince t

Stopping wage garnishment for child support?

  Only if the child has reached the age of majority in accordance with the state laws. See link Otherwise, retain the garnishment, which is suppose to be on all obligoes

When do you receive garnished child support check?

Most garnished support is sent to a State disbursement unit. How quickly it's distributed depends on factors such as how quickly the employer or other payor of income forwards

How much child support will they garnish out of your unemployment?

It depends. Did you have a support agreement in place before you lost your income? If you did they will continue to withhold the same amount from your unemployment check. If y

Can child support garnish a corporation?

If it is proven that a person is hiding their money in a corporate  account in order to avoid paying child support, the funds may be  frozen. A court order would be necessar
Can a judgment garnish child support payments?

Can a judgment garnish child support payments?

Not sure in what context you mean, but yes a court order can garnish your wages for child support. IF the custodial parent has filed a support order and paternity has been est