Can your baby move abit still when you start labor?

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Yes, many babies appear to kick their way out. My second twin was laying crossways when I went into labour but as soon as her brother was born she took a nosedive and was born head first.
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Does it hurt when a baby first starts moving?

Answer . No. The first movements are very faint and feel more like butterflies in your stomach. Sometimes towards the end of pregnancy it can get a little uncomfortable...t

When does the baby start moving inside of you?

The baby will begin moving between 7 & 9 weeks. There is a wide range of when moms report starting to feel that movement from as few as 10 weeks to as many as 25. With the fir

Does you baby move while your in labor?

When I was in labor, I didn't feel any fetal movement but that doesn't mean that there wasn't any. All you feel are the contractions, but the baby has alot of work to do to ma

Does your baby move a lot while your in labor?

No your baby is pretty still while you are in labor. I had my son at 37 and 1/2 weeks and he didn't move at all while I was in labor but every women and pregnancy is different
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When does a baby start moving inside you?

A baby starts moving in the beginning but you don't start feeling it until about 15 to 17 weeks along in the pregnancy. At first it will feel like a little gas or small flutte

When do you usually feel the baby start to move?

I'm 6 weeks + 2 days and i don't feel the baby kick but i do feel my baby kinda floating if that makes sense and this is my second baby and i know what it feels like and as i