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Can your ex-wife and her new husband legally claim your children on their taxes if she does not have a taxable income but he does?

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Yes, if the couple is responsible for more than half of the financial support pertaining to the child/children. If the support amount is equal, it would be advisable for the parents to try to find an equitable solution w/o involving the court.
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Does wifes new husbands income calculate in child support?

No. The only two people involved in the financial support are the parents. Not that the new husband won't end up spending some of his money on the child, but it is not his leg

Has taxable income of 10000 in 2016 but no health insurance She will have to pay a tax penalty of?

No penalty, as $10,000 is below the Federal Poverty Level for 1 individual, and thus, the person automatically qualifies for Medicaid from their state, and thus, has coverage.

Can you claim your mother on my income tax?

No. My mother would not let me let you claim her on your income tax return. Even if I could claim my mother on my return I would not let you claim her on your return. My mothe

Can you claim medical expenses on income tax?

To claim medical expenses, you must itemize and it must be more than 7.5% of your AGI, which is a high threshold! But lots of things, including insurance premiums may be able

Is washing allowance taxable under Income tax act?

To the extent bills produced by the Employee to the employer. Added: If you are required to wear a certain type of uniform while at work, you may deduct the cost of their main

Can your boyfriend claim your children on his taxes?

Maybe. Read the "Qualifying Relative" section at the attached link to IRS Pub. 501 to determine whether your boyfriend can claim a dependency exemption for your children. 

Do you claim workman's comp on your income taxes?

Workers comp payments should be reported to you via a form 1099 which is also furnished to IRS. If payments are reimbursements for medical treatment and or travel expenses for

How many children can you claim on taxes?

Acutally, people saying you can claim two are incorrect. You can only claim 2 for the earned income credit (EIC), but for the child tax credit there isn't a limit so long as t

How do you claim casual income on your taxes?

if the income is of casual nature (less than $3,500) and no T4 slip is issued then the income can be reported on line 104. otherwise income has to be reported on business stat

Whether gratuity is taxable under Indian Income Tax?

  Gratuity can be received by the employee at the time of his retirement or by his legal heir in the event of death of the employee. Gratuity received by an employee on h

Does a wife with no income have to file taxes with her husband?

It depends on how the wife is categorized and what assets are in her name, solely or jointly. Let's say there is a house in both of the names then yes, the wife has to file

Do you have to claim income for lawn mowing on your taxes?

Yes, although you can also set up a proprietorship and run it as a business which means you can deduct expenses (equipment, gasoline etc) from that income. If its just inciden