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Can your home be searched if the address on the warrant is not your address?

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Per the information disclosed in the question, if it was served at the wrong address it is null and void. If any items were seized they were seized unlawfully, and any good defense attorney can have the search thrown out.
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Where is the address listing on a search warrant?

  There should be a section that describes the place or property to be searched. It should be there. But if the description of the location is sufficient to positively ide

Can police execute a search warrant of a home when the warrant does not show address and person on warrant does not reside there?

No. For police to issue the warrant of a home everything must be the same. So if the warrant said: This document allows So and so police to enter and search the home of so

Do search warrants for a residence have to have the correct address?

  The premises to be searched can be identified in severl ways; the correct mailing address - the real estate tax lot and plot number, or a physical description of the pre

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Does a search warrant have to have an address?

yes the search warrant has to have the following: name address city, state and area to be searched like if the warrant says the address and not a storage building in the back