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Can your homeowner's insurance premium be included in closing costs?

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You can pay your home insurance premium yourself or let your closing agent transfer the funds and initiate your escrow account ( in your closing costs but not financed) with your mortgage company.

The seller does not traditionally pay any part of the buyers home insurance premium
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Your homeowners insurance premium SHOULD be included in your closing costs. Now as far as asking the sellers to pay for it--you can ask them to pay for anything--it's up to them whether or not to.
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When your homeowner's insurance won't pay you for a claim what can you do?

In this state if your Homeowners will not pay, you do not write a letter to the Attorney General. You write a letter to the Insurance Commissioner. You list your company, the

Pay the Mortgage Insurance Premium at closing and in your monthly payment?

If it is an FHA loan, you will pay Upfront Mortgage Insurance (around 1.75% of the loan amount) at the time of closing ( usually added to the balance of the loan ). Then you

How do you get insurance premium?

Answer   I need your question too be a little more in depth. Are you asking how insurance companies come up with the rate they charge.

Will homeowner's insurance cover the cost of replacing carpeting if a hired painter spills paint and ruins the carpet?

Typically your homeowners insurance does not provide coverage for poor workmanship or for hired labor. Accidental damage caused by your contractor is the responsibility and l

How does a trampoline affect homeowner's Insurance?

Usually if you own a trampoline an insurance company will not issue you a homeowners policy. It is a liability loss exposure that is above normal risk. trampolines attract nei

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Blocked drains are not covered by homeowner's insurance. Keeping drains clear is the responsibility of the home owner and is considered routine maintenance. The insurance comp

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It can be covered depending on the type of policy you bought and what of your property was stolen stolen from your vehicle. The property of another person located in a vehicle

What criteria do insurance companies use when determining the cost of home insurance policy premiums?

  The factors can vary by jurisdiction (for example, some states do not allow "credit" to be used in rate determination) but as a general rule the following criteria are u

Can you deduct homeowner's insurance on a rental property?

First, a homeowners policy is not what you need for rental property. A homeowners policy is only for a house that is owner occupied. For a house that you rent to others you ne