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Can your landlord garnish your salary after they evict you if you owe them money?

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Can a landlord evict a tenant for loud music?

Yes, indeed. The landlord is responsible for the other tenants  "quiet enjoyment" (legal term) of their apartments. Also, most  leases contain clauses that require you obey

Can a landlord remove a eviction notice?

If you mean can the landlord remove an eviction notice he put up, it depends on the circumstances. If there is a legal requirement to post it and leave it, he won't be taking
What are landlords rights for evicting tenet?

What are landlords rights for evicting tenet?

  Landlords can evict for a number of reasons, some commmon ones are: If the tennant fails to pay rent If the tennant damages the property If the tennant commits any

When does the landlord owe compensation for no water?

Depends, and then the question becomes in part what kind of compensation are you talking about? I'll assume the rental agreement includes water (like for sinks, toilets, etc.)

How does a landlord evict a tenant in California?

In order for a Landlord to begin the eviction process, California law requires all persons residing in the property be served with a notice. If the tenant doesn't voluntarily

If the landlords accepted half the rent owed can they then proceed to evict me?

  Yes--unless you and the landlord made an agreement not to evict in writing, the landlord waives no right to evict you simply by accepting a partial rent payment. However
What are Reasons why a landlord can evict a tenant?

What are Reasons why a landlord can evict a tenant?

  A landlord can evict a tenant for any reason he wants, except reasons that are retaliatory or discriminatory. The reasons can include, but not limit to:   Non-payment

When is your landlord supposed to serve you an eviction notice?

a land lord can serve you at any time with an eviction notice for  non-payment of rent, vandalism, criminal acts and too many people  and animals on his/her property. Normal

As a landlord how can collect rent owed to me from a tenant that was evicted through the court?

You can try suing the former tenant for back rent due in a civil  suit. If you are successful you can obtain a judgment lien that can  be used to seize any property they own

Can a landlord verbally evict you on the phone?

Yes they can. But it cannot be enforced in that manner. To evict you, the landlord must follow proper written procedures. Sure, a landlord can call you by telephone and ask yo