Canon slr 500 D with 18-200 zoom lens your lens is stuck and after pushing the button it is not coming out what is the problem?

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Have you tried rotating it?

You are supposed to rotate it with the lens release button pushed to take it out.

If its still stuck, you are better off taking it to a professional repair shop, or calling canon customer care.
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What is a zoom lens?

A zoom lens is a lens of a camera which contains a mechanicalassembly of inner lenses, which allow the focal length of thecamera to be rapidly altered.

Best canon SLR lens for shooting group photos?

On a full-frame (or film) camera, a 24 mm would work just fine. If necessary, going wider, with a 16-35 or 17-40 would work, but at the wider ends tend to cause distortion, es

Can you use your canon Eos slr lens on a canon dslr?

The short answer is "Yes.". The long answer is: All Canon EOS cameras use Canon EF (electro-focus) lenses. They can also use independently made lenses with EF type camera mou

Is a canon AE-1 lens compatible with any canon digital SLR?

Yes, via a lens adapter available from aftermarket producers. All Canon FD lens to Canon EOS lens mount adapters will contain an optical element to provide correct focus at in

What is the best canon zoom camera lens?

The Canon EF 70-300mm DO IS USM Lens is (arguably) the best Canon EF lens available. It has a focal length of 70-300mm which is excellent for sports and wildlife photography.

What do you do if the zoom lens gets stuck?

ok, so if u mean its stuck half way, like when u turn it on and its getting into focus and stuff, then this is what i did. this seriously JUST happened to me and i was freakin
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Where can one buy a Canon SLR lens online?

One can buy a Canon SLR lens at several online sites. Some of these online sites that sell a Canon SLR lens are "Amazon", "eBay", and "Bhphotovideo".