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Canyou show me a Boeing 777 seating chart?

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Seating plan Boeing 777?

On a Boeing 777 there are two seating configurations... on ones like United airlines it is 2-5-2 but 90 percent of the time it is 3-3-3

Can you show me a Boeing 777 seating chart?

 You can find the Boeing 777 seating chart here:  http://insideflights.com/Airplanes/Boeing_777-seats-reviews-(777).html  and information about the Boeing 777 on Wikipedi
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Which better Boeing 747 or Boeing 777?

It really depends on what you're looking for. The Boeing 747 has a large seating capacity, it is comfortable, stable, and great for long range flights. The Boeing 777 is popul

What is the best window seat on a Boeing 777?

it depends on what you like, if you are interrested in security the best seat is in the middle of the fuselage where the wings meet that's the strongest part of plane, but if