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Capital of the German democratic republic known as East Germany?

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East Berlin
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1949-1990 what was capital of democratic Germany?

It was Bonn.   Let's be clear on this: Bonn was the capital of the FDR, the Federal Republic of Germany, West Germany. But the DDR, the Deutches Democratik Republik, The Ge

What was the capital of East Germany?

Berlin.  *After World War II, Germany was partitioned and occupied. The areas occupied by the US, the UK, and France were combined in 1948 to form West Germany. The area occu

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What was the capital of the Federal Republic of Germany?

The name Federal Republic of Germany originally applied to "West Germany" but is now the name for all of reunified Germany. From its founding in 1949 until reunification in 19

What is German Democratic Republic?

The GDR was what was known as East Germany. A Soviet dominated member of the Warsaw Pact it was notorious as a testing ground for some of the worst excesses of social experime

Today East and West Germany are known as?

For nearly five decades after the end of World War II, East and  West Germany existed as separate nations. Reunited in 1990, the  once-separate states are now known as the "