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Car battery jump starts but won't hold charge?

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You either have corroded battery terminals (where cables hook on battery)or a bad alternator ...Autozone willtest for free
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Why won't car start if battery is charged?

Answer . Answer. Check your alternator--a lot of times they go about the same time (for no reason).

Your truck battery won't hold a charge?

Change it. Batteries do tend to fail in winter, they have to work that much harder.. It probably has a dead cell in it. Take it to an auto parts store, they will usually chec

Why won't a car start that has a new charged battery without being jump started?

From your question, I assume the car will not start on the new battery alone, but will start if you add a "jump" to it. The bushings inside the starter may be worn and the sta

Why won't your car start after jumping it to another car's battery?

It may be because the battery is still dead. Once the car is started with a jump, you need to let the car run for a while so the alternator charges the battery, or it is just

Why won't a car start without using jump leads to another battery but will start with jump leads to another battery?

Answer 1 - When Starting Requires a "Jump" There could be several causes, but I suspect that the basic reason is that not enough electrical current is getting to the starter

Battery charge car won't start just clicking noise?

If the battery is fully charged and tests okay, check both ends of battery cables to be sure they are clean and tight. If you still get only a click the starter may be at faul

How long do you have to drive around to charge a car battery after jump starting a car?

You should never drive a car around for long after jump starting a dead battery. This puts an enormous strain on the alternator. Alternators are designed to keep a good batter

My car won't start and its not the battery?

Fuel Pump Fuel pump is a possible culprit. It can also be a clogged fuel filter or defective coil, etc. You need to determine what is missing of the 3 things needed for the

How to jump start car battery?

You have a dead battery and need a jump start. There is the right way and the wrong way to accomplish a jump start safely. Because of the potentially severe hazards due

Why new battery and alternator won't hold a charge when car is running?

The alternator does not hold a charge. It charges the battery. If it will not charge the battery then either the alternator is defective, battery is defective, or the connecti

Why won't battery hold charge?

A battery that won't hold a charge has a dead cell and must be replaced. This is assuming there is not something on that is pulling power from the battery.