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Car makes clicking noises when trying to start and won't start?

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Well to start off there is many things this could be. Some of the most common ones are actually pretty simple to fix.

The first thing i would try is taking off your battery cables and refitting them on. Sometimes corrosion, a bad cable, or a broken adjuster cause it to not have a good connection.

The Second thing i would try is charging the battery. Most modern cars have a safety built in that when the car gets to a certain Voltage/Amperage, they make it click to let you know that it needs charged.

The third thing i would try, if all that fails, is tapping your starter solenoid with a hammer. the gears inside the solenoid usually tear down after a few years of starting and get stuck. If you don't know anything about cars this could be kind of hard to do. ts usually right on the front of the engine block next to your transmission cooler, that's attached to your radiator. You should see a big cylinder with a little cylinder attached to it. The little cylinder is your solenoid.

Good Luck
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