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Car won't start loud fast clicking noise?

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A loud fast clicking noise is usually indicative of a low battery or a loose cable.
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What does it mean when your car is making a loud fast clicking noise and the engine doesn't turn over?

Answer   Starter solenoid defective.   Answer   if you have replaced your siloniode and you still have the same problem just trun the key on ON then take a screwd

I have a 02 volks wagon passat when I start the car it makes a loud clicking noise however when I start to accelerate the clicking stops but when I decelerate the clicking louder than ever.?

  I have a VW Jetta 2001 I have had so many thing done to this car this summer $ 3,000 dollar worth when I turn my car on it goes blank let it set for a day it starts back

Car won't start clicks?

Poor battery condition.   Loose and/or dirty battery connections.   Faulty starter relay.   Faulty starter solenoid.   Faulty starter.

I turn the key and there is a loud clicking noise. The lights work but the engine is not turning over. Why won't my 1998 4Runner start?

  Chances are that the battery does not have enough power to start the vehicle. The battery can be next to dead and the interior lights and some dash lights may come on, b

Car won't start clicking noise?

This happened to me this morning, I tried to start my car and there was a single click whenever I turned the key. I have a new battery but noticed the charge had been lower th

When you try to start your car you get a clicking noise?

    Most likely you have a bad alternator or a dead battery.   its your starter, i can almost gurantee that the starter went to ...if its not that itd be the altern

Car won't start just makes a clicking noise?

If it's a Renault they're prone to bad earths. I've just had the same problem, trying to start my kangoo 1.5 dci and just hearing a clicking sound. I ran another earth cable f

Car makes clicking noises when trying to start and won't start?

Well to start off there is many things this could be. Some of the most common ones are actually pretty simple to fix. The first thing i would try is taking off your battery

When you start the car it makes a loud noise?

You have not given us enough information. What make, year and model vehicle is it? What engine size and type ( 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, diesel, gas, V8, V6, I4, I6, I5, I3)? Does the

Why do i hear a clicking noise when i start my car?

If you mean the car will not start or even turn over when you turn  the key, that 'clicking' is the starter solenoid making contact  like it's supposed to. But there is not