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All four of the orginal cast have died.
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What was the father's name on Bonanza?

The role of Ben Cartwright was played by Lorne Greene.

What happened to the cast members of Bonanza?

The original cast members have all passed on now. Lorne Greene in 1987, Dan Blocker in 1972, Michael Landon in 1991 and the last to go was Pernell Roberts in 2010. Even Hop Si

Where is the cast member Jaime from Bonanza?

After an active career in the 1970's Mitch Vogel withdrew from  acting and now lives a quiet life in Southern California.

Why did pernell Roberts quit bonanza?

The late Pernell Roberts left Bonanza , after fulfilling his contract , because of his frustrations over the lack of character development , the lack of depth in the plots and

What are castes?

social system based on birth

What did the cast think of Pernell Roberts leaving Bonanza?

Everybody was nervous of course. They had a very successful show and the loss of a main character is always risky ratings-wise. And the cast and crew were sad to see a friend

What is Birchwood Bonanza crockery?

birchwood is (maybe was) a decent English pottery manufacturer. bonanza is a pattern, dating around 1910. it features pheasants in a birch wood with other fairl typical motifs

Where was Bonanza filmed?

In various places in the L.A. area and Truckee and Lake Tahoe area.

When did canary join the bonanza cast?

David Canary who played "Candy" Canaday (No first name was ever  given for Candy) joined the cast in 1967. To be exact, the episode  in which David Canary first appeared was

What is a bonanza?

A bonanza (from bonacia, a fortuitously calm sea) can be a windfall, bounty or riches. The term was applied to a valuable ore vein or lode, and metaphorically to any other s

What is a cast?

Cast: Used to immobilise broken bones OR The first step in making a mold for dentures etc or The group of people called actors in plays, TV shows movies and so on def