Cheat in psp GTAliberty?

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cheat for helicopter in gta liberty city on psp
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Are there cheat codes for Daxter on psp?

yes there is it is a good idea to go to google and type in cheat codes for daxter on the system you want them for.. yes there is it is a good idea to go to google and type in

Sims 2 psp cheats?

In the Buy Perks screen in the info menu hold L + R + Square simultaneously. A cheat perk will appear showing a Woo-Hoo icon, which is free. If you buy it you will get a money

How do you cheat on a PSP?

If you have custom firmware you can download CWCheat for it, consoleworld You would simply follow the instruction in the readme regarding copying the SEPLUGINS folder, then st

How do you get a helicopter in GTAliberty psp?

The helicopter cheat in gta vice city stories is: up, up, up, up, down, x, x, L, R, o, SQUARE, SQUARE Whether this cheat will work for liberty city stories, I'm not sure.

Where do you get PSP cheats?

You type in Google the name of your game and "psp cheat" and you click on the first one that comes up. The website i like to use is this is a brilliant web
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Where can one find cheats for PSP?

PSP cheats can be easily found on various online websites. Some examples for PSP cheating websites are SuperCheats, CheatCC, GamesRadar, and CheatCodes.