Cheats for Midnight club 3 dub edition remix?

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Unlock all cities in arcade mode - roadtrip or crosscountry
No damage - ontheroad
Unlock Faster pedestrians + all cityin arcade mode - urbansprawl
Unlock Increase car mass in arcade mode - hyperagro
Unlock Argo special move - dfens
Unlock Zone special move - allin
Unlock Roar special move - ro4r or Rjnr
Unlock Chrome body - haveyouseenthisboy
Unlock Flaming head - trythisathome
Unlock Snowman head - getheadm
Unlock Yellow smile head - getheadj
Unlock Pumpkin head - getheadk
Unlock Bunny head - getheadl
Unlock Skull head - getheadn
+$1 to career money total - kubmir
-$1 from career money total - rimbuk
Add more nitrouse - fastforyou
Unlock all carz - carzforlyf
Unlock all performance parts - perfrmancethree
Get out of car and talk trash to pedestrian - issomebodymad
Submitted by: $$$PIMP$$$ and runescapeboy14

Unlock Dodge Magnum:
Win 1st place the Ginza tournament in Tokyo Challenge mode

Unlock Nissan Skyline 02:
Win all 13 Unbeatable Street Racers races

Unlock Chevy Cobalt SS:
Beat the Unbeatable Street Racers tournament in Tokyo

Unlock Gemballa F355:
Beat the By Invitation Only tournament in Tokyo

Unlock Hotmatch Chingon:
Beat the Choppers Of America tournament in Tokyo

Unlock Hummer H3T:
Win the Big Playas tournament

Unlock Nissan Sport Concept:
Win the Class C Vehicles Only tournament

Unlock Paul Smart Sports Bike:
Win the Original Riders tournament

Unlock Tokyo Police Car:
Win all tournaments in Tokyo Unlock a murcialargo win us champ series
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Where are the Rockstar Symbols in Midnight Club 3 Dub Edition?

The answer previously posted stated: "They are all in the second city." \n. \nThis is false information. There are a total of 36 Rock-Star symbols. There are 12 in San Diego, 12 in Atlanta and 12 in Detroit. You will not find all 36 in one city.\n. \nHAPPY HUNTING!

Cheat codes for midnight club 3 dub edition remix?

add $1 to career money total-kubmir subtract $1 from career money total-rimbuk no damage-onthroad faster pedestrians-urbansprawl chrome body-haveyouseenthisboy all cities in arcade mode-roadtrip or crosscountry increase car mass in arcade mode-hyperagro special moves: zone-allin argo-dfens roa (MORE)

Where are the rockstar symbols in midnight club 3 dub edition remix?

The Rockstar Symbols aren't to hard to find if you know the right type of place to look. You'll find them on the edges of ramps, bridges, the insides of buildings or in mid-air.\nYou can find them under bridges( All cities ) You can find them on top of buildings ( San Diego / Atlanta ) don't look in (MORE)

Cheats for midnight club three dub edition for the psp?

some of these cheats dont work but they might. They didnt work for me.. Maximum Nitro: Enter fillmeup as a code.. No damage: Enter ontheroad at the cheat menu.. Faster pedestrians: Enter urbansprawl at the cheat menu.. Increase car mass in arcade mode: Enter hyperagro at the cheat menu.. (MORE)

Unlock everything and 50000000 for Midnight Club 3 Dub Edition Remix?

Ok, I just read this on a website. You need to go to the options screen and then to the cheat codes screen and type in "im gay" (without the quotes). I dont know. im going to try it to see if it really works. This only works on Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition Remix on the PS2!!!

Are there any cheats for midnight club 3 dub edition remix?

ontheroad type that in and get invincibility. Just remember type it whenever you turn your system on.. that is one but there are more to get max nitro you need to type in the cheat code menu fillmeup carrerr completed hotrod. thanks for listening hope it helps and go on online on mutiliplayer so (MORE)

What is the best car for midnight club 3 dub edition remix?

Probably the Pagani Zonda, Murcielago, or the McLaren F1. Pagani has the fastest acceleration, so if you crash it is easy to get back at top speed. Murcielago is a good overall car. Slightly less top speed than the Pagani but slightly better control. McLaren has the fastest top speed. (MORE)

How do you put cheats in Midnight Club 3 DUB Edition?

you go to the menu screen after you load your game and go to options and go to the cheat menu P.S. there are some good cheats for all cities : crosscountry for agro roar and zone :dfens rjnr allin car mass increased: hyperagro smily face head: getheadj Happy game playin (cheaters):)

Midnight club dub edition?

this the best selling platinum game to beat and it is very good and you can buy it very cheaply in a shop called GAME In the Ilford mall.

Game cheat codes for midnight club 3 dub?

well yes there is what is your system you have midnight club for and there is a cheat to complete the whole career mode so I hope this helped you and please write back if it worked.

Does midnight club 3 dub edition remix for Xbox work on Xbox 360?

it will if you have an Xbox Elite or Pro but not arcade because they programmed only the pro and the elite to play normal xbox games. probably to get people to buy the elite or pro You gave false information the game mid night club dub edition will not work on the pro only the elite!

How do you get a class cars in midnight club dub edition remix?

To unlock class A cars in midnight club 3 dub edition remix, you have to beat 5 or 6 street racers in Detroit. For more info click on this -> To watch some click here ->

Who has a cheats that work for midnight club 3 dub edition?

Insert the codes below in the designated cheat menu… . allin - Unlocks Zone special move. . crosscountry - Unlocks all cities in arcade mode. . dfens - Unlocks Argo special move. . getheadj - Unlocks Yellow Smiley Face. . getheadk - Unlocks Pumpkin Head. . getheadl - Unlocks Bunny H (MORE)

Is there a cheat code for Midnight Club 3 dub edition remix that unlocks all cars?

No here are some cheats for mid night . ontheroad. No damage. trythisathome. Flaming Head (On MotorBike Rider). getheadj. Smiley Face (On MotorBike Rider). getheadm. Snowman Head (On MotorBike Rider). getheadk. Pumpkin Head (On MotorBike Rider). getheadl. Bunny Ears (On MotorBike Rid (MORE)