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Who was the first chief-minister of orissa?

After Independence Dr. Harekrushna Mahatab was the first chief minister of Orissa.

Who is the Chief Minister of Rajasthan?

After securing majority in 2013 assembly election, Vasundhara  Raje of the Bharatiya Janata Party is the incumbent Chief  Minister.

Who is the Chief Minister of Balochistan?

Dr. Abdul  Malik is the chief minister of Balochistan. He has been appointed  Chief minister with the support of Muslim League and other parties  unanimously. 

What are the function of chief minister in india?

The Chief Minister is the leader of the Council of Ministers of the State, and, therefore, he is the Chief adviser to the Governor. He is the link between the Governor and the

What is salary of chief minister of Punjab?

Chief Minister of Punjab donate his total salary to MEO Hospital Lahore.
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Who is the current chief minister of Gujrat?

cuurent chief minister of gujrat is narendra modi...but rel chief minister of gujrat is his public..who is a get new impresion ahead a world's people