Church-related terms were frequently borrowed into English from?

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Why does the English language borrow words?

Need, i.e. when we encounter something new and need a name for it. For example, early explorers needed names for the new things that they encountered, so they took the words

When did the English borrow the French language?

Assuming by "borrow" adopt is meant, never. Beginning with the Norman Conquest in 1066, a Germanic-influenced form of Old French, called Norman French became the official lang

Borrowed English words?

week end (the idea came from England) basket-ball, golf, rugby (sports invented in english-speaking countries usually kept their name) mail (in France several recent tech

English words that are borrowed from the french?

Many words are borrowed from the French, including:. words for prepared meat: mutton, beef, pork, poultry. words for fancy housing: palace, mansion, hotel. words like caval

What is the musical term for borrowed time?

Borrowed time is more commonly referred to as rubato. Rubato refers to slight speeding up and slowing down of a musical phrase, normally the performer would accelerate slightl

What words did the English borrow from France?

A HUGE part of the English language came from the French. Besides obvious expressions and words, such as attache, or faux pas, common words entered the language- such as beef

What languages have borrowed words from English?

The better question is Which languages have not borrowed from English? In a global economy, all but the most isolated languages have English words, either in loan translatio

What language did English directly borrow from?

English is a West Germanic language, so we share grammar and syntax with many other Germanic languages, such as German and Swedish. Many of our words, however, borrow from Lat
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What is the English borrowed words?

English uses many borrowed words too many to list here. But the following are some borrowed words: Hawaiian - ukulele, hula Malay - bamboo, gong Mandarin - kowtow, typh

Which language did English borrowed pajamas?

The word pyjamas comes from Hindi paejama , which means "leg clothing"; ultimately it comes from Persian pai "foot" and jamah "garment". It is one of many words from Indi

What is meaning of frequent in terms of Frequent Flyers?

There is no standard definition in most frequent flyer programs. A person may have a frequent flyer number but only travel once per year. An airline will however define a Freq