Codes to program UTstarcom cdm9200 for metro pcs?

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What are the strengths of Metro PCS?

Ok phones, good prices for people who talk a lot, but you can only get coverage in a few locations. If you're traveling outside of one of these locations, you probably won't get service.

How do you become a dealer of metro pcs?

Answer . and go to support and dealer info download in info kit. it explains everything. Yes Its True go here But warning. You dont profit enough!. Be WARNED:. 1) Dont open a store where theres More than two stores in that city. 2) You must have Almost PERFECT Credit! NO Coll (MORE)

How do you activate your metro pcs phone?

It's easy! After unboxing the phone, selecting a rate plan, dial *228 from your new handset and you will be connected to with a MetroPCS representative who can help you activate the phone.

Free metro pcs ringtones?

In you cam download free mp3 music for free the whole song and it works for metro pcs

How to Program a metro pcs phone?

how 2 program my phone to atvaite my phone? dial *228 this actually works...also, the security code 587646 works for resetting programming. dial 111111 hit 'options' soft key to reprogram metro pcs phones.

Can you use iPhone with metro pcs?

As of 6/17/13 T-Mobile has finally gotten the iPhone, and their merge with Metro PCS means that they will get the iPhone, too, because the two carriers will begin using each other's bandwidths. The reason this took so long is nicely explained below. . The iPhone will be flashed soon because it was (MORE)

Does metro pcs have blackberrys?

Yes , Metro PCS does have a blackberry - two versions actually . Blackberry Curve 8330 & 8530 . Check the website.

Metro PCS iPhone?

Yes, soon. The iPhone should come to Metro PCS once the merger withT-Mobile is settled.

What is the Ticker for Metro PCS?

I believe this link answers your question No need to thank me I just googled, "metropcs ticker symbol".

What is Metro pcs corporate address?

Oh, and BTW, I found a different number for their headquarters in TX. Their address/phone is: 2250 Lakeside Blvd. Richardson, TX 75082 (214) 570-5800 or (214) 570-4641 _____________________________________________ Investor Relations Keith D. Terreri, Vice President Finance and Trea (MORE)

Metro pcs unlock code?

Metropcs phones run on CDMA technology and right now, there is no unlocking solution for CDMA-based phones, only for GSM phones.

Metro pcs how do i change my number?

the one way you can change your number if you have someone keep annoying you on your friend ar being a threat or you just dont want them to have ur number860 574 0102

Is metro pcs a good company?

Well metro is not that bad company. Well by getting the 50 plan ain't bad oh and it's a good company a new 4g phone is coming soon the name of the phone is samsung craft

Is metro pcs coming out with a iPhone?

Im sorry to say but no iPhone is coming out with metro but i do have an answer to your problem you can go to Verizon wireless and buy an iphone4 only not iphone3 then you can put your iPhone with metro pcs because all Verizon phones have sims card and metro also haves that or another choice is you c (MORE)

Can you buy an iPhone from metro pcs?

Soon. Now that T-Mobile has the iPhone and is merging with Metro, we should expect the iPhone to arrive on Metro because the carriers will begin to work on each other's bandwidths.

What is the best phone in metro pcs?

The newest phone in Metro PCS is The Samsung Craft , it's INCREDIBLE ! but it's $300 , if your looking for something cheaper the samsung Messenger II is very Good too , i had that phone for 2 years ! i loved it i think you should go with that phone and it's not too expensive ! : ) hope this was (MORE)

How good is metro pcs?

metro pcs is the best server,you people should get metro it is good for a lot of people. :) :) :) :) :)

Does the Droid work for metro pcs?

yes. To make the answer a little more clear. Yes you can use a Droid, Droid 2, Droid X or pretty much any android with Metro PCS. I have the droid x and it works flawlessly with text and internet and all for only 45.00 a month. There are many guides online to help you with this.

How do you update a metro pcs phone?

Different Metro PCS phones will have different methods of updating.In general, most phones have an update menu in the phone's generalsettings.

Can a metro pcs phone be prepaid?

No matter how they try to sell you the phone it is prepaid. you have to pay upfront to get it working you may not have to pay for activation but you'll have to pay the 1st month. Also I saw at Walmart and i think i saw this at radio shack that you can but cards to reload your phone $40 $50 $60 were (MORE)

How to Get music on metro pcs phones?

Downloading songs to any metro smart phone is very easy. Just go to google on ur metro pcs and type in click on and follow the down load instructions. Written by smartzonic

Do you have a metro PCs store?

Hey, and good morning…I'm Chris Green…We don't know one-another yet, but I wondered if you might be open to hearing, and taking a look at what I'm doing to make money in this difficult economy ? Would you be interested in learning more about getting your cell phone service for Free! And (MORE)

Call forwarding on metro pcs?

74 then the area code and the number. This allows the phone to ring and for you to decide to pick up or not. or *72 then the area code and the number. This send the call directly to the forwarding number with out your phone ringing.

Where is Metro PCS in Lake Tahoe?

Go to the Metro Cite and choose the "Store Locator " button at the top right corner, then just enter your ZIP code and it will find the nearest store to you. :)

Can you unlock iPhone for metro pcs?

No, you cannot legally unlock an iPhone for any carrier. While that may have been true years ago US Congress passed a law saying any phone may be unlocked

Can you have metro pcs on a iPhone?

Soon. Once Metro merges with T-Mobile (which also has the iPhone now) theiPhone will be available because Metro will start using T-Mobile'sbandwidths.

Will metro pcs have an iPhone?

Yes. You can hold off on settling for that Galaxy because iPhones shouldbe coming to Metro PCS once the merge with T-Mobile is complete.

How unlock the huawei from metro pcs?

To manually reset Huawei m860 pattern code, power off the phone, hold the volume up button the call button and turn the phone on and voila. You can also go to the settings screen, tap privacy and go to factory data reset.

How do i find my metro pcs PIN?

Call MetroPCS. They will reset the pin number and/or password. Developing a list of important passwords and pin numbers and keeping it in a safe place will prevent much heartache and lost time! The list should not be kept on a computer or mobile device that can be hacked.

Can you have an iPhone 5 and be with metro pcs?

Not yet. Although the iPhone is not officially available on Metro PCS yet, it is very likely we will see one in the near future because T-Mobile started selling the iPhone February 2013 and has confirmed a merge with Metro PCS. The companies will keeps their separate names and stores, but will begi (MORE)