Coffee bean snail eating in a salt marsh?

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It eats decayed cordgrass.
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What do salt water snails eat?

Salt water snails can eat Bloodworms, Algae wafers,and Vegetable or algae Tablets. You can feed your snail once a week and it should be fine.

Can dogs eat coffee beans?

No! they can choke ! besides that coffee beans and grounds can have the same effect on them as chocolate. do not let your dog eat coffee anything

Which animals eat coffee beans?

The most expensive coffee in the world is from Indonesia and is harvested from the excrement of the palm civet or 'luwak' in Indonesian.

Can a dog eat a coffee bean?

Yes. At least it won't likely hurt him/her. Eating a single coffee bean will not likely hurt your dog, in fact, your dog may not even chew it and it will go through it's diges

What do salt marsh snakes eat?

Salt marsh snakes eat shrimp, crabs and small fish. These snakesinhabit the saltmarsh in Florida, Indian River and Volusia.

What are most facts about coffee bean snail?

The coffee bean snail's scientific name is Melampus Coffeus . Most coffee bean snails are brown with three horizontal light bands . Unlike many other snails, these snails la

Can snails eat salt?

No. when you drop salt on the ground and slugs or snails somehow pass over it, it kills them by churning up their insides!