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I have command and conquer generals zero hour and command and conquer generals but i hve lost the leaflet for command and conquer generals zero hour so i need some one to tell me what the installation code for it.
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What does the gap generator do on command and conquer red alert on ps1?

The Gap Generator creates a smog that covers that area where you place it. It makes it harder for your opponent to see base defences, units and other buildings where it's plac

Command and conquer zero hour cheats?

  Cheat: Crude Detector   This will only work in skirmish and LAN or internet play. Build a barracks, war factory or airfield. Select one of them and click on the 'ral

What are the codes for command and conquer the first decade?

Warning!!! These are used codes!! They will install the game just fine, but the online multiplayer and registration will not work!!! Do not use these codes if you want to use

How do you install command and conquer generals?

  You need to buy the 2 disc game set. put disc 2 in and it will give you an option menu. hit install, after you can put disc 1 in and play. installing online will exit yo

How do you get more money at command and conquer generals?

To earn money in Command and Conquer: Generals, the player can use Chinook helicopters (USA), Supply Trucks (China) or Workers (GLA) to take the supply crates, which are eithe

Ive lost the manual for commander and conquer generals?

the first decade   4NGG-6JBR-BURT-AYUB-9W5A    tiberian sun   786478-274872-886939-6477    red alert 2   174773-252326-422103-4946    yuris re