Command and conquer generals zero hour code?

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I have command and conquer generals zero hour and command and conquer generals but i hve lost the leaflet for command and conquer generals zero hour so i need some one to tell me what the installation code for it.
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Code for command and conquer generals?

If you lost the code you will have to buy a new copy to be able to play. no u are wronge u can look up codes that will allow u to play the games but not online........

How do you put mods for command and conquer generals zero hour on the PC?

Search on the Internet for CnC Generals Zero Hour Mods/trainers, most of them should either have instructions included with the files or on the website. If not, contact the fi

Who is the best faction in Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour?

In top-level multiplayer games, the USA Air Force General is generally regarded to be the most powerful faction due to his extremely powerful and cheap aircraft. To start with

Command and conquer zero hour cheats?

Cheat: Crude Detector This will only work in skirmish and LAN or internet play. Build a barracks, war factory or airfield. Select one of them and click on the 'rally point'

How do you make Command and Conquer Generals become Command and Conquer General Zero Hour?

Command and Conquer: Generals Zero Hour is an expansion to Command and Conquer Generals. Install Command and Conquer: Generals then install the expansion pack to play the expa