Common laboratory apparatus in chemistry?

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Beaker :
Beaker is a reservoir Dish where we can keep our Chemicals in liquid states so that these beaker can be used to test Different Salts .Basically the beaker is a reservoir of different Salts in liquid state
Test Tube : Test tubes can be used to Test Small Amount of Salts(Solutions/Reactants) so that they could not harm other salts and very small amount can be used to test these salts
Alcohol lamp: These lamps are used to heat the liquid solutions to get the head reaction results
Tripod: Word Generally Used to Refer to a three-legged object.
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Common laboratory apparatus?

Answer . laboratoy appaatus ae the equipments/ gadgets in perfoming your laboatory expeiments... jaz as dat!!!!. Answer . hi.... for my fist answer there are words la

What are the different laboratory apparatus used in Chemistry?

There are hundreds. Here's a list of some common ones: Air pump, beam balance, electronic balance, double-pan balance (mass balance), beaker, bottle, brush, Bunsen burner, ce

What are the Common laboratory apparatus and function?

conical flask1. Beaker = a liquid-measuring container 2. Barrette = measures volume of solution 3. Clay triangle = a wire frame with porcelain used to support a crucible

How many apparatus do we use in chemistry laboratory?

there are many apparatus used in a chemistry laboratory such as Bunsen burner,round bottom flask,conical flask,beaker,test tubes,watch glass,thermometer,reagent bottle,filtera