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Como a agua desaparece?

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If there is an accent over the first 'o', it is a question;
'How does water disappear?'
If there is no accent, it is a statement:
(It) disappears like water/ Like water it disappears
As (in the way that) water disappears
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Who is Nash aguas?

nash aguas is an actor in luv u and i am a really big fan of him  his so cute and hot    - iamroseannp

Como podemos prever a flutuação ou não de um material na agua?

Consultando um índice de densidade específica de materiais. Se a densidade for menor que 1 vai flutuar, se for maior vai afundar, tendo como base a densidade da água. Se o

What does el agua mean in spanish?

The water Agua is water. El agua is "the water" or just water. It is not a water hole. A water hole is abrevadero, aguada, or bebedero

Who is the real crush of Nash aguas?

Its Alexa Ilacad,their chemistry started on going builit  segment in my dreams and wag mo akong gagalitin and now they have a  loveteam known as nlex .They already had some

What is agua oxinada?

It is Hydrogen Peroxide H2O2, usually it is used to remove dirt and further infection to cuts.

What is the Spanish 'agua mala' in English?

Agua Mala is the slang term used for Portuguese Man o' War, a sea creature. Agua Mala would translate to (if not refering to the slang term) bad water.

What is como?

Assuming you mean as a Spanish word, "como" can be (1) aconjunction meaning "like" or "as"; or (2) a verb form meaning "Ieat." If you meant it to be a proper noun (which shoul

Who is Bishop Jeptah Aguas-Aniceto?

Bishop Jeptah Aguas-Aniceto aka Datu Mahumanoy is the current Bishop of the Eparchy of Mindanao, Eastern Catholic Church in the Philippines belonging to the the Syrian-Chaldea