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Como encuentro a Lugia?

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Usted necesitará encontrar a Lugia en Navel Rock y tienes que llegar a la planta baja de la cueva. Lugia estará en nivel 70 así que llevar Pokémon fuerte. Puede desbloquear la roca ombligo utilizando el Mystic Ticket. Que no sean de Pokemon Emerald, FireRed, y LeafGreen, sólo puede transferir Lugia en Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, u otros juegos.
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What is como in Spanish?

Como is "like" or "as". It is also the first person present of comer - "I eat". Cómo is "how".

What does Hay tontos papeles en mi escritorio que no encuentro nada?

Hay TANTOS papeles en mi escritorio que no encuentro nada, sounds more correct. There are so many papers on my desk, I don't find anything. But anyway, if you meant "tontos

No encuentro como cambiar el aceite de la transmicion?

La transmicion en algunas troopers es sellada, pero hay una forma de anadir o cambiar el liquido o aceite de las transmisiones selladas 1. levanta un poco el vehiculo del lad

How do you answer como esta?

If someone asks you "Como esta?" then it means "How is he/she?" You may be confused with "Como estas" wich means "how are you?". You would respond by saying   Bien (sounds

Donde encuentro partitura de Canto para una semilla?

Hola amigo, encontrastes la partitura de canto para una semilla ? Soy de Brasil y me gustaria montarla. Si la tienes o sabes donde encontrarla, avisame por favor ? Gracias Cid

Como me llamo?

Como me llamo means what is my name como te llama means what is your name.

Can you breed Lugia?

No unless you have i cheats or action replay (ds game hacker) edit: anime: yes, when ash and co. have a reunion with richie on some island they come across a boy who was rescu

How do you get Lugia in LeafGreen?

To get Lugia in Pokemon Leafgreen, you have to capture all the legendary birds and I think all the cats ( you will have to trade to Pokemon Firered to get all of them ).Before

What is como?

Assuming you mean as a Spanish word, "como" can be (1) a  conjunction meaning "like" or "as"; or (2) a verb form meaning "I  eat." If you meant it to be a proper noun (which

Lugia vs Ho-oh?

lugia would win even if they were both on lv 100. lugia is to good for ho-oh lugia is beast new person:actually neither would win they would cross each other out,lugias