Como se llama usted?

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What is your name? It is used as a formal question.
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Como se llama in English?

What is his/her name? = cómo se llama (él o ella)? what is your name?= cómo se llama? (dirigiéndose a un tú) what is the name of...? = cómo se llama...(com

What does 'Como se llama usted' mean?

Translated from Spanish to English, the question ¿Cómo se llama usted? means " What is your name? " It would literally translate to "What are you called?", since llama

What is como se llama ella?

"¿Cómo se llama ella?" is Spanish for "What is her name?" It is pronounced "KO-mo say-YA-ma AY-ya?" Please see the Related link below for confirmation of the translation

How do you answer Como si llama usted?

Do you mean "Como te llama usted?" In that case, they are asking for your name, it literally translates to: "What are you called?" - but in English means "What is your name?"
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How do you put the word 'tu' in the sentence 'Como se llama usted'?

You have to change the sentence a little, Como se llama usted? is a formal question to some one you don't know. The word Tu is the 'informal' word for the pronoun you. You wou
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What is como se llama mean?

This could be "What is your name?" but could also be "his" or "her"name. In Spanish you can omit the word for which person if it isclear from the context. If necessary, you wo