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Compare a dominant allele with a recessive alllele?

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What are dominant allele and recessive alleles?

A dominant allele is an allele where its phenotype will always be represented when the allele for that gene is present. A recessive allele can be masked by a dominant allele w

Dominant allele and recessive allele?

An example of dominant allele is T or I..... an example of a recessive allele is i or t -- Dominant alleles are traits that show on the physical form of the organism.

How are dominant allele compare to recessive allele?

In genetics, each organism will typically have 2 alleles for each trait. For a trait such as hair color, you might have an allele for red hair from your dad and an allele for

How is dominant alleles different from recessive allele?

You need two recessive alleles to get their trait, but only one dominant allele to get that trait. A dominant allele basically overrides a recessive one if they are together,

What does a dominant alleles do to recessive allele?

Dominate them. Recessive alleles do not show in your phenotype unless you have two of the same recessive allele. But if you inherit one dominant and one recessive, it is the d

Are alleles recessive or dominate?

Alleles are neither entirely recessive nor entirely dominate. An allele is any one of a number of alternative forms of the same gene on a chromosome. For example: say a flow

Which allele is dominant and which allele is recessive?

An allele that can express itself (produce its phenotype) even in the presence of the other allele is said to be dominant to the other allele. The allele that cannot express

What is it when alleles are neither dominant or recessive?

It is called CODOMINANCE if the alleles each express when the phenotype is heterozygous. Let's look at the following situation. There are snapdragon flowers that are homozygou