Compare and Contrast the Federalist Party and the Democratic Republican Party?

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The Federalists believed in a strong centralized government, a commercial economy, worldwide involvement, loose constructionist, were pro-England, and thought we should fund the national debt. The rich aristocracy mainly joined this party. The Republicans believed in a moderate national government with a rural economy, they also believed in strict constructionists, and were pro-France. Independent farmers and lower class citizens tended to join this party which led to its large scale popularity among Americans.
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Compare and contrast the three different two-party systems in US history between 1790 and 1861 the Federalist vs Democratic Republicans and the whigs vs Democratics and Republicans vs Democratics?

Supporters of the Constitution called themselves Federalists; they wanted the country to have a strong federal government. Their opponents, the Anti-Federalists, objected to t

How were the federalists and democratic republican parties alike?

They were both American political parties and both were a force in1796 and 1800. They both wanted the United States to prosper and bestrong. Other than that, they had no more

What were the democratic-republican and federalist parties?

The Federalists party was prevalent during 1792-1816. It was created by Alexander Hamilton with followers such as George Washington as well as many other people that believed

Contrast the republican and democratic parties?

The Democratic Party was founded in 1792 by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, sixty-two years before the Republican Party was founded in 1854 by anti-slavery activists and m

What is the difference between the federalists party and the democratic-Republican Party?

The First Political Parties Belief Differences The Federalists . Strong national government . Fear of mob rule . Loose construction (interpretation) of the Constitution

How are the Federalist party and Democratic-Republican party alike?

They both agreed with a central power to negotiate between the various States, and both agreed with the people being directly involved and benefiting from, a central governmen