Compare and contrast maslow's hierarchy of needs theory with herzberg's two factor theory?

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  • Both use a hierarchical scale..where one stage must first be fully or largely completed before advancing to the next stage.
  • Both are based on the argument that "we behave as we do because we are attempting to fulfill internal needs." (Bartol et al., 2005) i.e. needs theory
  • They both specify the criteria as to what motivates people. However, this is controversial because entrepenuers and people from different cultures have different values and norms, and therefore have different criteria or have criteria which are percieved as more important e.g. Greek and Japanese employees stated that safety and physiological needs are more important to them, where as employees from Norway and Sweden saw belongingness needs as being more important.
  • Herzberg's hygiene idea corresponds with Manslow's Physiological, Safety and Belongingness needs i.e. they both have the same critieria (basic pay, work conditions etc...)
  • Also, Herzberg's motivators idea corresponds with Manslow's Esteem and Self-Actualisation needs i.e. they both have the same criteria (recognition, growth, achievement etc...).
  • Both theories are influenced by environmental conditions, employee attitudes and as a result, their motivation. These influence an employees performance.
  • Maslow says that each stage of the 5 must be fully or largely completed before advancing to the next stage..however, Herzberg suggested that there were only 2 stages (hygiene and motivators) instead of 5.
  • Maslow said that fulfilling each stage is a motivator, however Herzberg said that fulfilling the hygiene stage only results in an employee being in neutral state and that satisfaction and motivation only comes from the 2nd stage (motivator).
If you are answering this question in an academic report, essay or whatever...make sure you define motivation..and if it is just a report, include diagrams in your discussion and possibly make your own diagrams to illustrate the differences or similarities. It is also a good idea to include quotes to backup statements you have made. Also, it is good to provide examples where possible. These can help extend your argument and fulfill any amount of page or word requirement that your report or essay must achieve. Remember, 'The Devil' is in the detail so make sure whatever you say that it is completely accurate. that can be the difference between a 60% mark and a 90% mark. If you need more similarities and differences go to a library and use books and databases..they provide you with a lot of useful information.
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What is the importance of maslow's hierarchy of needs?

Maslow's hierarchy of needs is a reference frame for discussions or actions when dealing with or trying to influence an audience (whether one or one million). I believe you must first consider the Maslow Level the target audience or group is residing on to develop an effective strategy to influence (MORE)

Compare and contrast three developmental theories in psychology?

Pick any three below:. In Developmental psychology , a stage is a distinct phase in an individual's development. Many theories in psychology characterize development in terms of stages:. Michael Commons ' Model of Hierarchical Complexity . . Erik Erikson 's stages of psychosocial development (MORE)

What is maslow's hierarchy of needs?

Maslows's hierarchy of needs is a theory of psychology that can bedescribed as follows: The needs of people are hierarchical,starting with food, shelter, safety, until reaching selfactualization. In order to achieve a next level, the one below itmust be met. For example, students must have the basic (MORE)

How is maslow's theory related to management?

dear sir. this is your answer:. Maslow classified the human needs , and when you are working in any position you feel and want to satisfied your needs may be you satisfied by money or by respect or by both.. so when the manager know this he can motivate his employees by satisfied their needs whic (MORE)

How does Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Theory apply in a service organization?

Maslow's Hierarchy: Applications for the Workplace . All humans have needs that must be met. These needs are often never explored by the average person, the person who performs their daily activities and habits with no reflection on why they do these things. The psychologist Abraham Maslow was dete (MORE)

Compare and contrast maslow's hierarchy of needs theory with alderfer's erg theory?

Alderfer does not disagree with Maslow's hierarchy of needs completely. He suggests that as more concrete needs are satisfied, less concrete need become more important. Instead of the five deeds that Maslow believes should be satisfied, Alderfer says there are only three important needs lwhereas Ma (MORE)

Advantages of Maslow's Hierarchy of needs theory?

Maslow's hierarchy of needs theory outlines the different levels offulfillment that humans seek to obtain, beginning with those basicto survival (such as food, water and sleep). As basic andintermediate needs become fulfilled, individuals are then able tomove toward a state of self-actualization, fo (MORE)

Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs?

Abraham Maslow created a hierarchy of the needs of human beings,starting with the most basic and ending with the most lofty. Hishierarchy starts with physical needs, then safety needs, the needfor belonging, the need for self esteem, and, finally, the need forself actualization.

Compare and contrast scientific theory and scientific law?

scientific law describes what nature does under certain conditions An empirical generalization; a statement of a biological principle that appears to be without exception at the time it is made, and has become consolidated by repeated successful testing; rule. 2. A theoretical principle deduced fr (MORE)

What Needs are at the bottom of maslow's hierarchy of needs?

Safety is the first order of necessity in Maslow's Hierarchy. Safety is not the first on Maslow's Hierarchy is the 2nd. The 1st is Physical needs. The 3rd is Belonging. The 4th is Feeling Recognized. and 5th is Reaching Potential. There you have it...

Compare and contrast hypothesis theory and law?

Hypothesis: testable prediction made before an experiment Theory: an explanation that accounts for and is supported by all the evidence we have on a topic Law: a rule of nature, often mathematical, that fits all observations and data

Compare and contrast cogntive psychology and psychoanalytic theories of psychology?

Cognitive: focuses on the way people think; Why people do what they do;blames all problems on a way of thinking(i.e. depression is the result of negative thinking); change your mind, fix your problem. Psychoanalytical: Freudian; focuses on unconcious desires; problems caused by past, scarring e (MORE)

What are the Flaws of maslow's theory?

The primary flaws with Maslow's hierarchy of needs is that the needs order does not and cannot encompass all people and cultures. Based on where you are the hierarchy may shuffle around based on the cultural ideals.

Where does mobility fit in maslow's hierarchy of needs?

Mobility would fit with security of body on the safety teir of Maslow's heirarchy. It could also fit with Esteem and Self acualisation depending on how the person and those around them percieved their mobility issues.

What are the disadvantages of maslow's hierarchy of needs?

Maslow's theory (the hierarchy of basic human needs) is interesting, but rarely is human behavior as compartmentalized. Some people are able to achieve self-actualization without having some of what Maslow defines as "needs" fulfilled first. Basically he is saying that without your basic survival/sa (MORE)

How can maslow's theory of needs be applied in marketing?

When Abraham Maslow conceived his Hierarchy of Needs in 1943, he couldn't possibly have known that it would be one of the most influential advances in the fields of marketing and human behavioral study - remaining so well into the subsequent century. . Maslow Marketing Hierarchy . The theory (MORE)

What is herzberg's theory?

Herzberg believed there were two types of factors that could motivate workers. hygiene factors, such as pay and working conditions, did not motivate but if insufficient would cause staff to leave. motivating factors, such as promotion, motivate workers.

What are the Herzberg's two factor theory of motivation?

This theory classifies the factors needed to motivate people into two categories: hygiene factors and motivating factors. Hygiene factors are necessary for motivation but not sufficient; they do not bring satisfaction, but they prevent dissatisfaction. Some examples are compensation; company policie (MORE)

What is one weakness of maslow's hierarchy of needs?

One key weakness is that Maslow does not take into accountindividuals who are driven by extrinsic rewards. This means thatthey respond to something that comes from outside, rather than aneed listed in the hierarchy.

Discuss maslow's theory of motivation?

Maslow believed that: • People have an innate desire to work their way up the hierarchy • A need is not a motivator until those before it are satisfied • A satisfied need is not a motivator • Managers need to assess workers' needs at each level and then provide inc (MORE)

How Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs theory applied in the construction industry?

I'd say that it applies at both ends of the spectrum. . At the bottom of his hierarchy of needs, Maslow says that shelter is a basal need and that without it a person cannot think of fulfilling higher needs. For those without housing, in the western or developing world, this need is paramount and p (MORE)

Maslow's hierarchy of needs?

Maslow's need hierarchy theory : a motivational theory of needs that is arranged in a hierarchy pyramid that asserts that people are motivated to fulfil a higher need as a lower one becomes satified or met the pyramid in inverted order: (so from the lowest to the highest) . Physiological : (MORE)

What is Abraham Maslow's theory?

Maslow thought that everyone was determined to fill certain needsin their lives. He felt that when one need was fulfilled, theywould naturally progress into another.

What is herzberg's motivation theory?

Herzberg's motivation-hygiene theory This theory classifies the factors needed to motivate people into two categories: hygiene factors and motivating factors. Hygiene factors are necessary for motivation but not sufficient; they do not bring satisfaction, but they prevent dissatisfaction. Some ex (MORE)

What is the theme for Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs?

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs represents the Psychology of human motivation based on what we need to survive. At the bottom of the pyramid are the most basic things needed for survival (e.g. food, water), thus the lack of these would be the greatest motivator for action. Each level progresses upward (MORE)

Explain Maslow Hierarchy of Needs theory?

Maslow has a hierarchy of five levels of basic needs. In the levels of the five basic needs, a person cannot meetl the second need until the demands of the first need have been met, nor the third need until the second need has been met, and so on. Here are the five need levels: 1. Physiological Ne (MORE)

What is Maslow's motivation theory?

It is a hierarchy of needs and states that once our lower-level needs are met, we are prompted to satisfy our higher-level needs. The hierarchy is as follows: . Physiological needs (hunger and thirst) . Safety needs (safety, security, stability) . Belongingness and love needs (to love and be (MORE)

What is the hierarchy theory?

In a hierarchical organization each person has only one boss at any given time. Whereas, in a matrix organization there may be a horizontal and a vertical boss. In a project-based organization a person may be assigned to multiple projects, each with its own boss. The advantage of hierarchical org (MORE)

Why would a Theory Y manager be more likely to use Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs to motivate employees?

He wouldn't try to motivate employees at all. This is because a Theory Y manager believes his employees are already self-motivated. He would focus on identifying and correcting any conditions that may destroy employee motivation. An understanding of Maslow's work may help him identifying de-moti (MORE)

What are the distinguishing features between Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs model and Philip Selznick's institutional approach as natural systems perspective theories?

The distinguishing features between Abraham Maslow\'s hierarchy of needs model and Philip Selznick\'s institutional approach as natural systems perspective theories are (i) Maslow\'s needs theory focuses on the progressive stages of man\'s needs from the most basic physiological need to the most adv (MORE)

Maslow's hierarchy need?

There are 5 types of needs according to maslow lower to higher is as follows 1. Physiological need:- these needs related to the servival and maintinance of human life like food,clothing,shelter,water. 2. Safety need :- income, personal security 3. Love and blonging need:- love, affection, society 4 (MORE)